Map of the Mokelumne Trail, CA


Mokelumne Trail, Antioch, California

Mokelumne Trail Antioch California map area

Mokelumne Trail, California


9.6 miles




Antioch, Brentwood


Somersville Town Center, residential neighborhoods, commercial centers, schools, local parks


Delta De Anza Regional Trail

Marsh Creek Regional Trail



The Mokelumne Trail is a 9.6-mile long system of paved trails in Antioch and Brentwood in Central California. The trail stretches between the Somersville Towne Center in Antioch to Sunset Park Athletic Complex in Brentwood.. The trail passes residential neighborhoods, local schools and goes close to several parks.

The trail has two sections with a gap at Highway 4. The western section in Antioch is around 6.4 miles long and the eastern section in Brentwood is around 3.2 miles long.

There are also regional recreational trails that connect to the Mokelumne Trail as well as several local recreational trails.


The Mokelumne Trail is paved for the entire route through Antioch and Brentwood. There are gaps in the trail, most notably at Highway 4 where there is no direct route from the west section of the trail to the east section. The trail is ope for bike riding, running and walking.

Much of the route is located in greenbelts away from major roadways, but a portion parallels Lone Tree Way.


The Mokelumne Trail goes past the following communities: Antioch and Brentwood.

Points of Interest

The Mokelumne Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Somersville Town Center
Mission Elementary School
Gentrytown Park
Chichibu Park
Sutter Elementary School
Sutter Delta Medical Center
Antioch Water Park
Prewett Library
Williamson Ranch Park
Heidorn Park
Pioneer Elementary School
Marsh Creek Elementary School
Sunset Park Athletic Complex
Dakota Park
Nearby Trails

Delta De Anza Regional Trail: the two trails meet in two locations. The trails both go near the intersection of Somersville Road and Buchanan Road in Anicoch. The eastern location is off of Lone Tree Way near the Sutter Delta Medical Center.

Marsh Creek Regional Trail: the two trails meet near Brentwood Boulevard and Sunset Road in Brentwood.

End Points

The northwest end of the Mokelumne Trail is located along Buchanan Road just east of Somersville Road in Antioch.

The east end of the trail is located at the Sunset Park Athletic Complex along Sunset Road in Brentwood.


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