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Devil's Slide Trail, California

Devil's Slide Trail California map area

Devil's Slide Trail, California


1.3 miles






dramatic views of the Pacific Coastline


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The Devil's Slide Trail is a 1.3-mile long paved trail that is located along Highway 1 in Western San Mateo County. The route of the trail is a section of the old roadway for Highway 1. Tunnels were build for Highway 1 at this location in lieu of this section of roadway. The trail has spectacular views of the coastline and the rocky cliffs. The wide paved road is open for cyclists and pedestrians and motor vehicles are not permitted. The former roadway is striped to separate bike riders from people on foot. It is not a long trail, but worth a stop and a stroll if you are traveling along Highway 1.

There is a drop of elevation along the trail, so cyclists will need to watch their speed. This area also has numerous hiking paths that extend into the hillsides.

The north end of the Devil's Slide Trail is located along Highway 1, just south of Rockaway Beach, Pacifica State Beach and Pedro Point.The road to get to the north end of the trail is located just before the bridges that then lead to the tunnels. There are two places with parking.

The south end is just north of Gray Whale Cove State Beach. To reach the trail, use the exit to the west just before the entrance to the tunnels. There are two locations with parking and a sidewalk between.


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