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Davis, California

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Covell Boulevard Trail

I-80 Bike Trail

Putah Creek Bike Path

Russell Boulevard Trail

Wildhorse Greenbelt Trail




The City of Davis is located in the Central Valley of California, about 13 miles west of the City of Sacramento. Davis is home to the University of California Davis and the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame. This small city of 66,000 has a large network of paved recreational trails for commuting through town by bike to get to the UC Davis campus or to work or just for a leisurely stroll along Putah Creek or to get to a neighborhood park.

Putah Creek Bike Path

The Putah Creek Bike Path is a system of intersection paved paths along the south side of Davis. The paths will take your over 5 miles from the UC Davis campus on the west side of town to Mace Boulevard on the east side of town. On the west end, the paths start near the Equestrian Center and wrap around both sides of the pond. You will go past the Carolee Shields White Flower Garden, the Shields Grove and Gazebo, Eric E. Conn Acacia Grove, UC Davis Arboretum and Solano Field. You can also connect to the pedestrian walks that extend into the UC Davis campus

Upon leaving the UC Davis Campus area, the trail heads to the southeast and goes under Interstate 80. You need to travel a short ways north then east along local streets to get to the next section of the Putah Creek Bike Path that starts at the end of Da Vinci Lane. The path continues going east along Putah Creek and adjacent to residential neighborhoods. You can connect to other trail systems along the way and you can also connect to the next section fo Putah Creek Bike Path from these other neighborhood trails as this section ends at Drummond Lane.

Another section of the Putah Creek Bike Path starts at Lillard Drive and Danbury Street then heads east past Putah Creek Park. This section ends at San Marino Drive that connects to Mace Boulevard.

Russell Boulevard Trail

The Russell Boulevard Trail is a 6-mile long paved trail that follows alongside Russell Boulevard from Road 95A, west of Davis, to A Street in the middle of town. Along the way, there are other neighborhood trails that head to the north from Russell Boulevard. There is a junction with a trail that heads down to the airport, and you can connect to the Ramble Trail. The Russell Boulevard Trail goes along side the north end of the UC Davis Campus and ends at Toomey Field.

I-80 Trail

For those commuting by bike back and forth to Sacramento, there is a paved bike path that follows Interstate 80. In Davis, you can connect to the I-80 Bike Trail at the end of Olive Drive, at 0.7 miles east of the intersection with Richards Boulevard. From this point, the paved path follows alongside Interstate 80 on the north side, and the paved path is separated from the roadway. Another location in Davis where you can access the I-80 Bike Trail is at Mace Boulevard. there area access paths down to the I-80 Bike Trail just north of the bridge that goes over the interstate.

East of Davis, the I-80 Bike Trail stops at Road 32A and you must ride on the street for 2 miles. The I-80 Trail picks back up at Levee Road and continues to the west edge of Sacramento, stopping at West Capitol Avenue.


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