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Merced, California

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Fahrens Creek Trail

Michael O Sullivan Bike Path

Rascal Bike Path




Merced is located in between Modesto and Fresno in Central California. The small city is home to Merced College and is surrounded by farmland in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley.

Merced has several miles of recreational trails for bike riding, running and walking. Close to the middle of town, there is the Michael O'Sullivan Bike Path that follows the channel for Bear Creek for 3.6 miles. Farther to the north, the Rascal Bike Path extends from Santa Fe Drive to McKee Road and goes past a number of parks and schools. Fahrens Creek Trail wanders along side the creek for over 2.5 miles and extends from the Rascal Bike Path to W Cardella Road on the north side of town.

Michael O'Sullivan Bike Path

The Michael O'Sullivan Bike Path is a 3.6-mile long paved pathway that spans between Snelling Highway and McKee Road. On its western end, the path connects to the Rascal Bike Path at the intersection of W. Olive Avenue and Snelling Highway. For most of the route, the path follows the channel for Bear Creek to the north of Downtown Merced and has only one street crossing. The trail goes past the Kiwanis Kiddieland and Applegate Park, Mercy Medical Center and Bear Creek Park.

Rascal Bike Path

The Rascal Bike Path is a 4-mile long paved pathway that spans between Snelling Highway and McKee Road. The path takes a meandering route in the greenspace between residential neighborhoods and commercial areas with few road crossings. There are numerous access paths along the way that head into the nearby neighborhoods.

The Rascal Bike Path goes past Fahrens Park, Santa Fe Park, Merced High School, Black Rascal Creek Park, Black Rascal Strip Park and Rahilly Park. The west end of the Rascal Bike Path connects to the Michael O' Sullivan Bike Path and intersects the Fahrens Creek Trail to the west of R Street.

Fahrens Creek Trail

The Fahrens Creek Trail is a 2.5-mile long paved pathway that spans between Fahrens Park and West Cardelia Road. The trail wanders through the natural area alongside the creek as it goes past residential neighborhoods.


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