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Recreational Trails in Fairfield, California

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Fairfield, California

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Central County Bikeway

Grizzley Island Trail

Laurel Creek Trail

Ledgewood Creek Trail

Linear Bike Trail

Suison Slough Trail





Fairfield is located between Vacaville and Vallejo to the northeast of San Francisco Bay. The city has a number of recreational trails for bike riding, walking and running.

Linear Bike Trail

The Linear Bike Trail is a 6-mile long paved pathway that spans between Solano Community College and Dover Avenue. The western portion of the trail follows alongside Interstate 80. The eastern portion goes past the Solano Town Center shopping mall.

Laurel Creek Trail

The Laurel Creek Trail is a 2.6-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside Laurel Creek from Manuel Campos Parkway and Railroad Avenue on the east side of Fairfield. The trail goes past Laurel Creek Elementary School, Laurel Creek Park,has an overpass for crossing Air Base Parkway and goes past Grange Middle School.

Central County Bikeway

The Central County Bikeway is a 3-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside Highway 12 from Main Street in Suisun City to Walters Road.

Ledgewood Creek Trail

The Ledgewood Creek Trail is a 1.2-mile long paved pathway that follows the creek adjacent to residential neighborhoods. The south end of the trail allows a connection to the Linear Bike Trail at Rockville Road.


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