Map of Los Alamitos Creek Trail, Calero Creek Trail, Almamaden Lake Park and Guadalupe River Trail


Los Alamitos Creek Trail & Calero Creek Trail

Los Alamitos Creek Tril California map area

Los Alamitos Creek Trail & Calero Creek Trail


8+ miles




San Jose


Almaden Lake, Boulder Ridge Golf Course, natural alreas alonside Alamitos Creek


Guadalupe Creek Trail


San Jose

Los Alamitos Creek Trail is located in South San Jose and is connected to the trails that wrap around Almaden Lake. a portion of the Guadalupe River Trail is also connected to the trails at Almaden Lake on the north. Calero Creek Trail is connected to the Los Alamitos Creek Trail at the south end. Los Alamitos Creek Trail is a pleasant place to get outside for some exercise. It travels away from traffic along the greenbelt of Alamitos Creek past residential neighborhoods and several parks and schools.

Almaden Lake Park is located in between Coleman Road, Winfield Boulevard and the Almaden Expressway in South San Jose. Almaden Lake Park offers boating, picnic areas, playgrounds and walking paths. There is also parking and restrooms at this park. The Los Alamitos Creek Trail starts at the south end of the park near the Cinnabar section of the park off of Winfield Boulevard. The trail heads south along the greenbelt of Alamitos Creek. The trail goes under Mazzone Drive then wraps around the east side of the residential neighborhoods.

Travelling southeast, the Los Alamitos Creek Trail goes through Pfeifer Park, past Greystone Park, Leland High School, Greystone Elementary School and Carrabelle Park and then through Singer Park. At Singer Park, the Los Alamitos Creek Trail takes off with two separate trails to the southwest along the creek to the south of Camden Avenue and parallels Queenswood Way and Royalwood Way. At this location, you can also choose to travel on Calero Creek Trail which travels alongside Camden Avenue to the southeast.

Los Alamitos Creek Trail ends at McKean Road and Harry Road near Challenger School. Calero Creek Trail ends at Harry Road.


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