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Half Moon Bay, California

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Cabrillo Highway Multi-Use Path

Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail

Pillar Point Trail

Wavecrest Open Space Walking Path


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Half Moon Bay is located along the Pacific Ocean in Central California. Along this picturesque stretch of Highway 1 are the communities of El Granada, Miramar and Half Moon Bay all located in San Mateo County and an hour drive south of San Francisco.

The main attractions in the area are Half Moon Bay State Beach, Wavecrest Open Space, Half Moon Bay Golf Links and Cowell Ranch Beach. The landscape is that of crashing waves against steep cliffs, wide sandy beaches, the majestic architecture of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, grassy bluffs along the shore and the rolling hills to the east. There are two main recreational trail for you to experience this lovely area out in the open, look out over cliffs or walking along the shoreline. These trails are the Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail and the Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail. There are also walking paths in El Granada for enjoying the views of Pillar Point Harbor.

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail is a 5-mile long paved path that follows the shoreline from El Granada down to Wavecrest Open Space. The north end of the trail is located at the parking area for Pillar Point Harbor in El Granada. The trail takes of to the east along the shoreline. You can see the boats in the marina and out to Kings Rock. this section of the trail stops at Magellan Avenue. You can travel west on Magellan Avenue, then south on Mirada Road to get to the next section of the trail.

The second section of trail starts at the end of Mirada Road. There is a small parking area at this location. The paved trail takes off to the southeast. You can also cross the bridge to the north if you want to head back to El Granada. Heading south on the trail, you travel through the coastal vegetation adjacent to the local neighborhoods. In a short stretch you are away from the homes and there are a couple more parking areas. You will pass Francis Beach Campground and the Half Moon Bay State Beach Visitor Center. The paved path extends to 1 mile south of the visitor center. If you want to continue going south, you will be traveling along natural surface trails of Wavecrest Open Space. These trails may not be suitable for all bikes or footwear.

The paved Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail picks up again at the end of Redondo Beach Road. This is where you will pass the Half Moon Bay Golf Links and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The trail continues south for another 1/4 mile then heads east to Miramontes Point Road.

Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail

The Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail is a 3.5-mile long natural surfaced trail that wanders along the grassy bluffs above Cowell Ranch Beach. The north trailhead is located on Highway 1 2.5 miles south of the middle of Half Moon Bay and at 0.6 miles south of Miramontes Point Road. The south trailhead is located 1-3/4 miles south of the north trailhead. This trail is part of the Peninsula Open Space Trust.


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