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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Decatur, Illinois

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Decatur, Illinois

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Fairview Park Trail

Lincoln Park Trail

Nelson Park Trail

Rock Springs Trail

Scoville Gardens Park Trail

Stevens Creek Trail




Regional Trails

Decatur is located in Macon County in Central Illinois. the city has a number of lengthy recreational trails for walking, running and bike riding. There are also many parks with walking paths for those that want to get a little outdoor exercise.

Rock Springs Trail and Stevens Creek Trail

The largest system of paved trails in Decatur is located on the west side of the city. The Rock Springs Trail and the Stevens Creek Trail combine to form a system of trails that expands for over 7 miles.

The north end of the trail system is located at Greendell Park on Green Oak Drive. From  this point the paved trail heads to the west and goes under Highway 121. The Stevens Creek Trail meanders through the natural areas along the creek and adjacent to residential neighborhoods. At W. Center Street the trail goes by Sanders Park and near to Oak Grove Park and Oak Grove Accelerated School.

The trail continues south to go under Highway 36 and through Fairview Park. At this point the trail combines with trails in the park. The trail tucks under W. Main Street and splits into two branches.

The eastern branch goes past Kiwanis Park and ends at W. Sunset Avenue near Lake Tokorozawa. The southern branch crosses the Sagamon River and goes through Rock Springs Nature Center. The south end of the trail is located at Rock Springs Conservation Area off of Brozio Road.


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