Map of the Jane Addams Trail


Jane Addams Trail

Jane Addams Trail, Illinois map area

Jane Addams Trail


17 miles


uppaved - compacted crushed stone


Orangeville, Buena Vista, Scotio Mills, Freeport


Wisconsin Border, farmland, forested areas, Little Richard Creek, Van Buren Bridge, Pecatonia River,


Badger State Trail


Regional Trails

The Jane Addams Trail is a 17-mile long, mostly unpaved, pathway that extends from the Wisconsin state line to the north side of the City of Freeport. The north end of the trail connects to the Badger State Trail that heads to the north in Wisconsin. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and goes through the beautiful countryside of Northern Illinois.

The Jane Addams Trail goes across rivers and streams with 22 bridges. One of these bridges is the historic Van Buren Bridge over the Pecatonica River that dates back to 1885, another is a covered bridge outside of Orangeville. The route takes trailusers through forested stretches, over wetlands, across grassland prairie and through several small farming communities. the grades are gentle and there are relatively few road crossings.


The Jane Addams Trail is open for bike riding, walking and running. Dogs are allowed if leashed. In winter, snowmobiles are allowed. The trail is unpaved for most of the route, with a base of compacted crushed stone. The trail is paved in the Freeport section.


The Jane Addams Trail goes through the following Illinois communities: Orangeville, Red Oak, Buena Vista, Scioto Mills and Freeport.

Points of Interest

The Jane Addams goes past the following points of interest:

Illinois  / Wisconsin State Line
Old State Route 26 Overpass
Orangeville Wetlands
Butterfly Farm
Illinois Central Railroad Car
Buena Vista Bridge
Historic Wohlford Woods
Van Buren Bridge
Nearby Trails

Badger State Trail: the two trails meet at the Wisconsin / Illinois state line, just east of N. Imobersteg Road and north of Wuetrich Road.

End Points

The north end of the Jane Addams Trail is located on the Illinois / Wisconsin border, one mile east of Highway 26. This point is near the intersection of Wuetrich Road and N. Imobersteg Road. There is a trailhead in Orangeville, 2.6 miles to the south of the Wisconsin border.

The south end of the Jane Addams Trail is located at the north end of N Van Buren Avenue at W. Summit Street. There is a large trailhead at E. Stephenson Street near the Pecatonica River.


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