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Hennepin Canal State Trail

Hennepin Canal State Trail Illinois map area

Hennepin Canal State Trail


155 miles




Moline, Colona, Geneseo, Annawan, Rock Falls, Wyanet, Tiskilwa, Bureau Junction


canal, boats, bridges, fishing, picnic areas, historic locks and aqueducts, local communities


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The Hennepin Canal State Trail is a 155 mile long unpaved pathway that extends between Moline and Rock Falls with a branch extending to Bureau Junction in Northwestern Illinois. The trail is located along the old towpath for the canal and is rich in history. The canal is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are historic locks and aqueducts along the route for learning more about the history of this area.

The canal crosses the Northwestern Illinois countryside, going through forested areas and wide open farmland. There are a number of communities along the route, and there are numerous trailheads at many of the road crossings with parking. Some of the trailheads have restrooms and picnic tables, but not all. The route is away from traffic and urban congestion. Traveling along the canal makes for a beautiful bike ride or a pleasant stroll.


The Hennepin Canal State Trail has a wide graded unpaved surface. The trail is open for non-motorized uses such as bike riding and hiking, except in winterr when some portions allow snowmobiling. Horses are also allowed in some stretches of the trail. Fishing and boating are allowed along the canal.


The Hennepin Canal State Trail goes past the following communities: Moline, Colona, Geneseo, Annawan, Rock Falls, Wyanet, Tiskilwa and Bureau Junction.

Points of interest

The Hennepin Canal State Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Timbrook Field
Rock River
Ty Massey Memorial Ball Diamond
Colona Grade School
Bridge over the Green River
Geneseo Prairie Park
Feeder Basin
Centennial Park
Bridge over the Rock River
Dillon Home Museum
End Points

The west end of the Hennepin Canal Trail is located at Timbrook Field on Rock River to the east of the City of Moline. This location is 1.75 miles west of 1st Street in Colona.

The Hennepin Canal State Trail branches into two at a point along 350 E. Street, 1.3 miles north of Interstate 80 to the northeast of the community of Mineral.

The northeast end of the trail is located at Broadway Avenue and E. 2nd Street, on the north side of the Rock River in the City of Rock Falls. This point is at the north end of a bridge for the trail that crosses the river from E. 2nd Street.

The south east end of the trail is located at City of Bureau Junction. There is a large trailhead with a restroom off of Route 26 on the canal and another trailhead on West Street on the canal with a bridge over the canal to get to the trail.


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