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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Springfield, Illinois

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Springfield, Illinois

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Regional Trails

Springfield is located in Sagamon County in Central Illinois and is the state capital. This is a city steeped with history with numerous sites and museums honoring Abraham Lincoln. Springfield was also a major stopover spot on the infamous Route 66 that goes right through the city. Other communities in this area include Rochester and Chatham.

Springfield has a number of lengthy recreational trails for walking, bike riding, running, enjoying the outdoors, sight-seeing and commuting to work or to school. There are also walking paths within many of the larger local parks.

Sagamon Valley Trail

The Sagamon Valley Trail is a 6-mile long paved pathway located on the northwest side of Springfield. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and takes a very direct route.

The north end of the Sagamon Valley Trail is located at Stuart Park on Winch Lane. the trail then heads northeast for a short span. The Sagamon Trail takes a diagonal route through the residential areas.

The south end of the Sagamon Valley Trail is located at the south side of Centennial Park on Bunker Hill Road. Centennial Park has a number walking trails.

Interurban Trail

The Interurban Trail is a 7.75-mile long paved pathway that is located on the south side of Springfield. The route of the trail extends from Wabash Avenue to E. Walnut Street in the community of Chatham.

The north end of the Interurban Trail is located at W. North Street just south of the intersection of Wabash Avenue ad S. Park Avenue.The trail intersects the Wabash Trail at this location.

The Interurban Trail takes a few jogs and then eventually tucks under Interstate 72 and heads to the southwest at a diagonal. There is a short gap in the actual trail at Woodside Road. Trail users need to travel along Pedigo Lane to get to the next section.

The Interurban Trail crosses Lake Springfield and ends at Chatham just east of the intersection of N. Main Street and E. Walnut Street.

Wabash Trail

The Wabash Trail is a 2-mile long paved path that is located on the south side of Springfield and connects to the Interurban Trail at its north end on W. North Street. The trail extends from S. Park Avenue to the west at Robbins Road.

Lost Bridge Trail

The Lost Bridge Trail is a 5.5-mile long paved path located on the southeast side of the Springfield area. The route of the trail extends from Dirksen Parkway to the community of Rochester. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and follows alongside Highway 29 for much of the way.

The north end of the Lost Bridge Trail is located at the south end of the parking lot for the Illinois Department of Transportation building on S. Dirksen Parkway and E. Ash Street. From this point the trail heads to the north for a short span then heads at a diagonal to the southeast. The trail goes right by the Rochester Community Park and Rochester High School.

The south end of the Lost Bridge Trail is located on the south side of Rochester at the intersection of County Highway 4a and Illinois Avenue.


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