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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

Champaign, Illinois map area

Champaign, Illinois

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Ashland Park Subdivision Trail

Boulware Trail

Busey Woods Trail

Greenbelt Bikeway Trail

Hessell Park Trail

Lake of the Woods Multi-use Path

Meadowbrook Park Trail

Robert C. Porter Family Park Trail

Robeson Meadows Trail

Robeson Meadows West Trails

Village of Mahomet Multi-use Paths



Regional Trails

Champaign is located in Eastern Illinois, 38 miles west of the border with Indiana. It is home to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Other communities in the area inlcude Urbana, Savoy, Lake of the Woods and Mahomet.

These communities have numerous recreational trails that wander through the residential neighborhoods, meander through local parks or follow alongside major roadways.

Greenbelt Bikeway

The Greenbelt Bikeway is a 1.4-mile long paved pathway located on the west side of Champaign. The trail connects the three parks of Dodds Park, Heritage Park and Kaufman Park.

Ashland Park Subdivision Trail

The Ashland Park Subdivision Trail is a 2-mile long paved pathway near Toalson Park East of Prospect Ave & North of Interstate Drive in Champaign.

Boulware Trail

The Bouleware Trail is a 1.3-mile long paved pathway that extends north of Windsor Road going through Mattis Park and ends near Fox Drive in Champaign.

First Street Trail

The First Street Trail is a 1.5-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside 1st Street from Gregory to Windsor Road in Champaign.

Robeson Meadows Trail

The Robeson Meadows Trail is a 2-mile long paved pathway that is located in Robeson Park in Champaign.

Roby Trail

The Roby Trail is a 1.4-mile long paved pathway that starts in Robeson Park and heads to the northeast through the residential neighborhood to just south of Kirby Avenue in Champaign.

Turnberry Ridge Trail

The Turnberry Ridge Trail is a 1-mile long paved pathway located in the Trunberry Ridge neighborhood in Champaign.

Busey Wood Trail

The Busey Woods Trail is a system of paved and unpaved pathways located in Busey Woods and Crystal Lake Park to the north of University Avenue in Urbana. The trails go through thick woodlands and landscaped parks. The attractions in this area include the Crystal Lakes Park Family Aquatic Center, Champaign County Fairgrounds and the Anita Purves Nature Center.

Lake of the Woods Multi-Use Path

The community of Lake of the Woods has over 3 miles of paved pathways located to the north and west of the golf course. These pathways travel through the natural areas with thick woodlands and up into the Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve.

Village of Mahomet Multi-Use Path

The Village of Mahomet has a multi-use path alongside E. Oak Street and along S. Lake of the Woods Road. The main path starts at Barber Park and ends at the Mahomet Public Library.


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