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Cal-Sag Trail

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Cal-Sag Trail






Lamont, Palos Hills, Palos Heights, Crestwood, Alsip


Calumet Sag Channel, Sagawau Canyon Nature Preserve, Swallow Cliffs


John Husar I&M Canal Trail
Centennial Trail


Regional Trails

The Cal-Sag Trail is a 12-mile long unpaved pathway located near Lemont on the southwest side of the Chicago Metropolitan area. The trail is also referred to as the Calumet Sag Trail. The length of the Cal-Sag Trail is set to expand in the near future to a total of 26 miles and reach as far as the Burnham Greenway. When completed, the trail will connect six nature and forest preserves. The trail follows alongside the Calumet Sag Channel and the Little Calumet River.


The Cal-Sag Trail is open for bike riding, running and walking. Most of the trail is unpaved with a surface of compacted crushed stone.

Points of Interest

The Cal-Sag Trail goes by the following points of interest:

  • Red Gates Woods
  • Saganashkee Slough Woods
  • Sagawau Canyon Nature Preserve
  • Cherry Hills Wood
  • Cap Sauers Holdings Nature Preserve
  • McMahon Woods
  • McClaughry Springs Woods
  • Palos Park Woods
  • Lake Kathering Nature Center and Botanic Gardens
  • Chicago Christian High School
  • Trinity Christian College
  • George and June Schaaf Athletics Complex
  • Rivercrest Shopping Center
Ends Points

The west end of the Cal-Sag Trail is located on the east side of Lemont near the intersection of Archer Avenue and Main Street. This point is near the Sagawau Canyon Nature Preserve. Other recreational trails in this area are the Centennial Trail, the I&MC Trail Passage and the John Husar I&M Canal Trail.

The east end of the trail is currently located at S. Cicero Avenue on the north side of the Little Calumet River in the community of Alsip.


Following are links to official off-site resources to find out more details about the Cal-Sag Trail in Northern Illinois.