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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Swansea & Belleville, Illinois

Belleville and Swansea, Illinois

Belleville & Swansea,

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East Belleville Bikeway

Metro BikeLink

MetroEast Levee Trail

Richland Creek Bike Trail

Signal Hill Bike Trail

West Belleville Bikeway


East St. Louis

Regional Trails

Swansea and Belleville are located to the south of East St. Louis in southern Illinois. This area has a number of paved bike and walking paths that connect the various neighborhoods, schools, MetroLink stations, and parks.

This part of Illinois is south of Interstate 64 and is home to Scott Air Force Base and Southwestern Illinois College.  Other communities in this area include O'Fallon, Briar Hill, Shiloh an Wilderman.

Metro BikeLink

The Metro BikeLink is a 11-mile long paved pathway that crosses much of the area following alongside the tracks of the Red Line of the MetroLink that extends into St. Louis, Missouri. The trail spans between the Memorial Hospital Metro Link Station to the Shiloh Scott Station at Scott Air Force Base. Other Metro Link stations along the way include the Swansea Station, the Belleville Station, and the College Station.

The Metro BikeLink intersects the Richland Creek Bike Trail to the east of N. Illinois Street. The trail also goes through the campus of SWIC and past the East Belleville YMCA.

The western end of the Metro BikeLink is located at the Memorial Hospital Station on Tamaroa Lane in Belleville.

The eastern end of the trail is located at the Shiloh-Scott Station on Metro Plaza Lane to the east of Air Mobility Drive at Scott AFB.

Richland Creek Bike Trail & East Belleville Bikeway

These two trails connect to create a 4.5-mile long paved pathway in the heart of Belleville and Swansea. The trail system also intersects the Metro BikeLink.

The Richland Creek Bike Trail travels through the wooded natural area adjacent to Richland Creek and is located away from traffic and congestion. This area is adjacent to residential neighborhoods and there is only one major road crossing. The northeast end of the Richland Creek Bike Trail is located along Old Collinsville Road at Creekside Drive in Swansea. The trail goes past Centennial Park and North End City Park. The southwest end of the trail is located near N. Illinois Street where it connects to the East Belleville Bikeway.

The East Belleville Bikeway also travels through the natural areas alongside Richland Creek, but it does have a number of street crossings. The trail goes past Hough City Park, Rotary Dog Park, Khoury League City Park, and close to South Side City Park.

The south end of the East Belleville Bikeway is located at S. 3rd Street and W. Cleveland Avenue in Belleville.


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