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Rock Island Trail

Rock Island Trail Illinois map area

Rock Island Trail


13 miles


paved / unpaved


Toulon, Wyoming, Princeville, Dunlap, Peoria Heights


rail trail, Illinois countryside, farmland, wetlands, woodlands


Peoria Riverfront Trail
River Trail of Illinois


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The Rock Island Trail is a 13-mile long paved and unpaved pathway that extends from the riverfront area of Peoria to the community of Toulon. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad tight-of-way and has gentle grades. The route of the trail goes through urban areas, past residential areas, across farmland and natural areas, over several picturesque bridges and through several rural communities.


The northerly portion of the Rock Island Trail is not paved, but the portion within the Peoria area, south of N. Atlantic Street in Alta, is paved. The trail is open for non-motorized uses such as bike riding, running and walking.  The trail is not continuous and in some locations trail users will need to use local streets to get from one section to the next.


The Rock Island Trail goes through the following Illinois communities: Toulon, Wyoming, Princeville, Dunlap and Peoria.

Points of Interest

The Rock Island Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Stark County Elementary School Donovan Park
Princeville Elementary School Peoria Heights Public Library
Troutman Park Peoria Heights High School
Princeville High School Peoria Heights Grade School
Cutter's Grove Park Country Club of Peopria Golf Course
North Park Glen Oak Park
Dunlap Grade School Peoria Zoo
Dunlap Middle School Peoria Playhouse
Dunlap High School Detweiller Marina
Wilder-Waite Grade School Peoria Lake
Lindbergh Park Caterpillar Visitor Center
Mt. Hawley Auxilary Airport Constitution Garden
Kellar Primary School Peoria Riverfront Museum
Midstate College OSF MarketPlace - Riverplex
Nearby Trails

The south end of the Rock Island Trail ties in with the Riverfront Trail that follows the Illinois River in Peoria. The trail also comes close to the River Trail of Illinois that extends to Morton.

End Points & Route Description

The north end of the Rock Island Trail is located on the far east end of the small community of Toulon on Highway 91.

There is a gap in the trial in the community of Wyoming where trail users can use N. 6th Street and E. Williams Street to get to the next section.

There is a gap in the trail in the community of Princeville. Trail users can use Highway 91 or N. Town Avenue then E. Spring Street to S. Walnut Street to reach the next section of the trail. The trail starts up again at N. Mendenhall Road on the south side of Princeville.

There is also a gap in Dunlap. The trail starts back up again at 1st Street and E. Ash Street.

In the Alta neighborhood on the north side of Peoria, there is a large trailhead on Alta Road. The paved portion of the Rock Island Trail starts At N. Atlantic Street in Alta. There is a 500 foot long tunnel under Highway 6, just west of Knoxville Road, for the trail to cross the highway.

In Peoria, The Rock Island Trail takes a diagonal route through town and goes by The Mt. Hawley Auxilary Airport, Donovan Park and the Country Club of Peoria. The trail has a long gap from North Harvard Avenue to where it starts back up on NE Perry Avenue. The trail goes right by Glen Oak Park where the Peoria Zoo, the Glen Oak Amphitheater and the Peoria Playhouse Children's Museum are located.

There is another gap in the trail from Arbington Street to Grant Street where the Rock Island Trail goes along the riverfront past marinas and local parks.

The south end of the Rock Island Trail is located off of Southwest Water Street and N. William Kumpf Boulevard.


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