Map of the Thorn Creek Trail


Thorn Creek Trail

Thorn Creek Trail Illinois map area

Thorn Creek Trail


22 miles


paved / unpaved


Park Forest, South Chicago Heights, Glenwood, Thornton, Lansing


Forest Preserves of Cook county, woodlands, wetlands, Thorn Creek


Old Plank Road Trail
Burnham Road Trail


Hammond, IN
Regional Trails

The Thorn Creek Trail is a 22-mile long system of paved and unpaved trails that connect a number of forest preserves located in Cook County, Illinois. The trails go through a number of forest preserves with woodlands, wetlands and lakes. These natural areas have wildlife and is located away from traffic and congestion.


The Thorn Creek Trail has over 15 miles of paved pathways and several miles of trails with a surface of crushed stone. The trails are open for bike riding, running and walking. There are long stretches of trail without street crossings.


The Thorn Creek Trail goes past the following communities: Park Forest, South Chicago Heights, Glenwood, Thornton and Lansing.

Points of Interest

The Thorn Creek Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Sauk Trail Woods
Sauk Trail Lake
Indian Hill Woods
Wilson Woods
Bloom High School
Joe Ott Woods
Prairie State College
Gleenwood Woods
Bromwell Woods
Hickory Glenn Park
Nearby Trails

Old Plank Road Trail: the two trails intersect along Campbell Avenue to the south of Hickory Street in Chicago Heights.

Burnham Greenway: the two trails do not intersect, but the Burnham Greenway is located a few blocks to the northeast from the Thorn Creek Trail. The Burnham Greenway heads to the north as far as Burnham and to the east to connect to trails in Indiana.

End Points

The southwest end of the Thorn Creek Trail is located at Steger Road and Western Avenue in Park Forest.

The northeast end of the trail is at the parking area for Lansing Woods located at 186th Street west of Oak Avenue in Lansing.


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