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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City, Missouri

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Blue River Parkway Trail

Briarcliff Linear Trail

Brush Creek Trail

Happy Rock Trail

Indian Creek Trail

Interstate 70 Bike Trail

Line Creek Trail

Little Blue Trace Trail

Little Platte Park Trail

Litton Trail at Smithville Lake

Longview Lake Trail

Penn Valley Park Trail

Prairie Creek Greenway Trail

Missouri Riverfront Trail

Route 152 Trail

Shoal Creek Trail

Smithville Lake Trail

Trolley Track Trail

Riverfront Heritage Trail

Western Bluffs Trail


Kansas City, KS

Kansas City is located in Western Missouri along the Missouri River. There are numerous recreational trails within this area for bike riding, walking and running. Many of these trails follow the natural areas alongside creeks or rivers, others are placed alongside major roadways.

Riverfront Heritage Trail

The Riverfront Heritage Trail is a 1.5-mile long paved trail follows alongside the Missouri River from Main Street and E. 2nd Street to just east of the Interstate 29 bridge. The trail goes past the Riverfront West Park and the Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park.

Brush Creek Trail

The Brush Creek Trail travels through the natural areas and parks along Brush Creek for about 4 miles. The trail follows alongside Ward Parkway, Volker Boulevard or Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard from Roanoke Parkway to Elmwood Avenue.

Trolley Track Trail

The Trolley Track Trail is a 6-mile long paved trail that stretches from Volker Boulevard and Brookside Boulevard to 85th Street and Prospect Avenue on the south side of Kansas City. The north end of the trail intersects the Brush Creek Trail.

Indian Creek Trail

The Indian Creek Trail is a 3.5-mile long paved trail located just north of Highway 50 on the south side of Kansas City. The trail follows the creek from State Line Road to where it meets the Blue River Parkway Trail to the south of Route W and west of Blue River Road.

The west end of the Indian Creek Trail connects to the Indian Creek Bike and Hike Trail in Kansas. The Indian Creek Bike and Hike Trail then intersects to the Tomahawk Creek Trail. The two trails add another 25 miles of paved pathways to the system.

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Blue River Parkway Trail

The Blue River Parkway Trail is a 3.6-mile long paved pathway that extends from where it meets the Indian Creek Trail south of Route W to a point west of Blue River Road and E 116th Street. The trail meanders through the natural woods and wetlands along the Blue River to either side of Highway 50. The trail also goes through Blue River Park and Minor Park.

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Little Blue Trace Trail

The Little Blue Trace Trail is a 15-mile long paved and unpaved pathway located in eastern Independence in Jackson County on the west side of Missouri. The trail meanders through the natural areas alongside the Little Blue River. The trail extends from E. Blue Mills Road on the north to Lees Summit Road on the south. The trail connects local parks and miles of natural areas. There are relatively few road crossings along the way. The route goes through open countryside and passes through beautiful forests with lush undergrowth, through pretty meadows, past residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. There are pretty views of the river and a good chance of seeing some wildlife along the way.

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Line Creek Trail

The Line Creek Trail is an 8.2-mile long paved pathway located on the north side of Kansas City. The trail goes through beautiful forested areas with its route well away from busy roadways and traffic. The trail passes a number of local parks and provides a connection to other recreational trails in this area. There is an opportunity to observe the local flora and fauna of the area and a nice way to get past the congested areas for those commuting to work or to school.

The route of the trail extends from just north of Route 152 to just south of Route 9 and west of Highway 169 in Platte County. A portion of the trail goes through Riverside.

The Line Creek Trail intersects the Route 152 Trail on the south side of the freeway at N. Line Creek Parkway.

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Route 152 Trail

The Route 152 Trail is a 4.8-mile long paved pathway located on the south side of Route 152 and about 11 miles north of Downtown Kansas City. The pathway spans from Interstate 29 to Highway 169 and intersects the Line Creek Trail on the south side of the freeway at N. Line Creek Parkway.

Missouri Riverfront Trail

The Missouri Riverfront Trail is a 3.5-mile long paved pathway that follows a wide bend in the Missouri River to the west of the interchange of Interstate 635 and Rout 9 on the north side of Kansas City. The east end of the trail comes within 1/3 of a mile from the Line Creek Trail near the Argosy Casino.

Happy Rock Trail

The Happy Rock Trail is a 2.5-mile long paved pathway that is located to the south of Route 152 and to either side of N. Prospect Avenue in Gladstone. The trail starts in the north at NE Barry Road, meanders through the natural areas along Shoal Creek near Metropolitan Community College and the Maple Woods Sports Trailing Center and then goes under Route 1 and wraps around Happy Rock Park.

The Happy Rock Trail connects to the multi-use side path for Mapplewoods Parkway and for N. Prospect Road.

Smithville Lake Trails

There are several miles of meandering paved and compacted gravel pathways that wander along the shores of Smithville Lake to the north of Kansas City. The trails are located in Smithville Lake of County Park on the east side of the lake. There are also pathways in Little Platte Park and adjacent to the Litton Visitor Center on the west side of the lake.

These trails are located away from roadways and wander through forested and grassy natural areas, past campgrounds and boat launching areas.


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