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Line Creek Trail

Line Creek Trail Missouri map area

Line Creek Trail


8.2 miles




Kansas City, Riverside,


woodlands, local parks, residential neighborhoods, Line Creek Community Center


Route 152 Trail
Southern Platte Pass
Briarcliff Linear Trail
Missouri Riverfront Trail


Kansas City

The Line Creek Trail is an 8.2-mile long paved pathway located on the north side of Kansas City in Western Missouri. The trail goes through beautiful forested areas with its route well away from busy roadways and traffic. The trail passes a number of local parks and provides a connection to other recreational trails on the northern side of the Kansas City metro area. There is an opportunity to observe the local flora and fauna of the area and a nice way to get past the congested areas for those commuting to work or to school.

The route of the trail extends from just north of Route 152 to just south of Route 9 and west of Highway 169 in Platte County.


The Line Creek Trail is paved for the entire route. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking. there is a short gap in the trail where trail users need to use NW Vivion road to get to the next section.


The Line Creek Trail goes past the following communities: Riverside and Kansas City.

Points of Interest

The Line Creek Trail  goes past the following points of interest:

Route 152 Trail
Line Creek Meadows Park
Sycamore Knoll Park
Southern Platte Pass
Line Creek Community Center
Frank Vaydik Park
Briarcliff Linear Trail
Renner Brenner Park
LeVo Sprot Complex
E.H. Young Riverfront Park
Nearby Trails

The Line Creek Trail  allows a connection to several other recreational trails in the area.

Route 152 Trail: the two trails intersect just south of Route 152 at N. Line Creek Parkway.

Southern Platte Pass: the two trails meet at NW Waukomis Drive and N. Gower.

Briarcliff Linear Trail: the two trails meet southeast of NW Vivion Road and NW Gateway Avenue.

Missouri Riverfront Trail: The two trails come within 1/3 of a mile of each other just north of the 7th Street Bridge over the Missouri River and near the Argosy Casino. A connection can be made along Argosy Parkway and NW Tremont Trafficway.

End Points

The north end of the Line Creek Trail is located on NW Stagecoach Road and N. Line Creek Parkway in Kansas City.

The south end of the trail is located at Argosy Parkway, just east of NW Tremont Trafficway in Riverside.


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