Map of the Creve Coeur Lake Trails and Mallard Lake Trail, MO


Creve Couer Lake Trails & Mallard Lake Trails, Missouri

Creve Couer Lake Trails Missouris map area

Creve Couer Lake Trails, Mallard Lake Trails &
Creve Couer Connector, Missouri


9.5+ miles


paved / unpaved


St. Louis


The Quarry at Crystal Springs, Creve Coeur Boat Launch, Scott Gallagher Soccer Complex, Creve Coeur Lakehouse, Lou Fusz Soccer Club, Creve Coeur Country Park, Old Farm Estates


Katy Trail


St. Louis

Creve Coeur Lake Park is located on the northwest side of the St. Louis area. The lake is located to the north of Highway 364 and west of Interstate 270. There are a paved paths that wrap around the lake, connecting the several parking areas, athletic fields, picnic areas and natural areas at the park.

On the south end of Creve Coeur Lake, the trails meet the Mallard Lake Trail. Mallard Lake is located to the south of Highway 364. The Mallard Lake Trail reaches south to Old Farm Estates and Bookbinder Drive.


The Creve Coeur Lake Trails and Mallard Lake Trails are mostly paved. The trails area away from roadways and are open for bike riding, walking and running.

Points of Interest

These trails go past the following points of interest:

The Quarry at Crystal Springs
Creve Coeur Boat Launch
Scott Gallagher Soccer Complex
Creve Coeur Lakehouse
Lou Fusz Soccer Club
Creve Coeur Country Park
Old Farm Estates

Creve Coeur Connector Trail

The Creve Coeur Connector Trail connects the Katy Trail with the trails at the lake. The Katy Trail follows alongside the Missouri River near the bridge for Highway 364.

The northwest end of the Creve Coeur Connector starts at the trailhead that serves the Katy Trail off of S. River Road on the north side of the Highway. The Creve Coeur Connector then uses the bridge for the highway to cross the river. The trail takes a loop and crosses to the south side of the highway and meets the Creve Coeur Lake Trails at the north end of Mallard Lake.


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