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Columbia, Missouri

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A Perry Phillips Park Trail

Bear Creek Trail

County House Trail

Forum Nature Area Trail

Grindstone Creek Trail

Hinkson Creek Trail

Hominy Creek Trail

Katy Trail

MKT Nature & Fitness Trail

Scotts Branch Trail

Stephens Lake Park Trail


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Columbia is located in Boone County in Central Missouri. The city is situated on Interstate 70, half way between Kansas City and St. Louis. The city is also the home of the University of Missouri.

Columbia has a number of major recreational trails that expand for miles and connect with other local trails in the area. The city also has numerous parks and natural areas with paved and unpaved paths for enjoying nature and getting outdoors for some exercise. These trails are open for non-motorized uses such as bike riding, walking, running, dog walking, access to parks and athletic fields and for commuting to work or to school.

M-K-T Nature & Fitness Trail

The M-K-T Nature & Fitness Trail is a 9-mile long paved trail that extends from Downtown Columbia to the southwest where it intersects with the Katy Trail. The trail connects with several other major trails, passes through a number of parks and goes past several other points of interest.

The north end of the M-K-T Nature & Fitness Trail is located at S. 4th Street, just south of Broadway. The southwest end of the trail is at Burr Oak Road where it intersects with the Katy Trail.

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Katy Trail

he Katy Trail is a 225-mile long trail that extends across much of of the State of Missouri. The Katy Trail has a surface of packed crushed limestone and was built along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The trail runs across the open country side of Missouri. It goes through farmland, across wetlands, over bridges and through thick forests. Much of the trail is located away from major roadways and has relatively few road crossings.

The Katy Trail roughly follows the route of the Missouri River as it crosses the state. The Katy Trail is located to the southwest of Columbia and can be reached by using the M-K-T Nature & Fitness Trail. From this location trail users can head to the other nearby communities along the trail of Rocheport, Franklin, Easley, Hartsburg and Jefferson City. The trailhead for the Katy Trail in Jefferson City is about 27 miles away from the trailhead for the Katy Trail for Columbia.

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Bear Creek Trail

The Bear Creek Trail is a 5-mile long system of unpaved pathways located on the north side of Columbia. Bear Creek Trail connects two major parks, the Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area and the Albert-Oakland Park. Most of the trail has a surface of crushed limestone.

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Hinkson Creek Trail & Grindstone Creek Trail

The Hinkson Creek Trail is a 4.25-mile long paved path located on the south side of Columbia. The trail connects Grindstone Nature Area to the M-K-T Nature & Fitness Trail near Chapel Hill Road and connects with the pedway along Old U.S. 63 to reach as far north as Stephens Lake Park on E. Walnut Street.

At the Grindstone Natural Area on Old 63 S, the Hinkson Creek Trail intersects the Grindstone Creek Trail which heads through natural areas to the east for another 1.7 miles.

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County House Trail

County House Trail is a 2-mile long paved trail that extends from Stadium Boulevard and College Park Drive to the Katy Trail at Twin Lakes Recreation Area. The trail also ends near the unpaved paths at Forum Nature Area.

Scott's Branch Trail

Scott's Branch Trail is a 1.3-mile long paved path that is located on the west side of town. The trail extends from Rollins Road to Chapel Hill Road and Scott Boulevard. The trail goes past Fairview Elementary School, Fairview Park and Dubln Avenue Park.

Hominy Creek Trail

Hominy Creek Trail is a 3-mile long paved path that is located on the southeast side of town. The trail extends from Clark Lane, east of Ballenger Lane, to a point to the southwest of the interchange between Highway 63 and E Broadway.

The trail starts at the Greens at Columbia golf course, to the north of Clark Lane, then heads under Interstate 70 and travels through the natural areas alongside Hominy Creek. At the south end of the route, trail users can travel along Green Valley Drive to reach the Hinkson Creek Trail and travel north to Stephens Lake Park or to the south to reach the M-L-K Nature & Fitness Trail.

Parks with trails in Columbia

Columbia has several large parks that have paved paths, wide improved unpave paths and hiking paths for getting some outdoor exercise.

Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area - Cosmo Park: The park has a 1.25-mile paved paved walking loop called the Cosmo Fitness Trail as well as a 1.3-mile long nature trail.

Albert-Oakland Park: The park has a paved walking loop that connects to Bear Creek Trail

Stephens Lake Park: The park has a couple of paved walking loops of different lengths.

Cosmo-Bethel Park: The park has a paved walking loop around the lake.


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