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Frisco Highline Trail

Friso Highline Trail Missouri map area

Frisco Highline Trail


35 miles




Bolivar, Morrisville, Walnut Grove, Willard, Springfield


rail trail, Missouri countryside, farmland, woods, 16 bridges, streams, small farming communities



The Frisco Highline Trail is a 35-mile long mostly unpaved pathway that extends from Bolivar to Springfield in Southern Missouri. The trail is located along an abandoned railroad right-of-way which is also the historic route that Harry S. Truman took on his "Whistlestop" campaign in 1948. The route takes trail users through wide open Missouri countryside, past farmland, through thick woodlands and crossing sixteen bridges over rivers and streams. There is wildlife along the trail and the route has few street crossings.


The Frisco Highline Trail is mostly unpaved and has a surface of crushed limestone. The southern end of the trail is an 8-mile long paved section. There is a gap in the trail at State Route 12. Trail users need to use surface streets if they wish to continue to the next section of the trail.


The Frisco Highline Trail goes near the following Missouri communities: Bolivar, Wishart, Walnut Grove, Willard and Springfield.

Points of Interest

The Frisco Highline Trail goes near the following points of interest:

Bolivar Middle School
Southwest Baptist University
La Petite Gemme Prairie
Walnut Grove High School
Willard City Hall
Willard Middle School
Willard East Elementary School
Willard Recreation Center
Willard High School
Spingfield-Branson National Airport
End Points

The north end of the Frisco Highline Trail is located in the City of Bolivar. The trail actually starts at the end of N. Claud Avenue, just north of W. Broadway Street, but there is a large trailhead at W. Jackson Street and S. Claud Street near Bolivar Middle School. The trailhead has a large parking area and restrooms.

The south end of the Frisco Highline Trail is located on Kearney Street (Highway 744), just west of Interstate 44.


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