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Springfield, Missouri

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Chesterfield Park Trail

Cooper Youth Sports Complex Trail

Doling Park Trails

Frisco Highline Trail (paved)

Frisco Highline Trail (unpaved)

Fullbright Spring Greenway

Galloway Creek Greenway

Jordan Creek Greenway

Jordan Creek Greenway

Lake Springfield Trail

Nature Center Trail

Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park

Sequiota Park Trail

South Creek Greenway

Valley Water Mill Park Trail

Wilsons Creek Greenway



Springfield is located in Southwest Missouri.The city is the home to Missouri State University.

Springfield has over 70-miles of greenway trails for walking, running and bike riding. There are a number of trails that wander through the natural areas and parks alongside creeks in the area. The trail system is ever expanding, but currently several of the trail systems exist in separate sections.

Galloway Creek Greenway

The Galloway Creek Greenway is a continuous 5.6-mile long paved pathway located on the east side of Springfield. The trail spans from E. Seminole Street to S. Brunswick Avenue. The trail wanders through the natural areas along the creek and travels alongside S. Lone Pine Avenue. The route includes Pershing Middle School, Lone Pine Park, Sequiota Park and Springfield Conservation Nature Center.

The Galloway Creek Greenway connects to the unpaved walking paths at the nature center which wander through natural wooded areas. Bikes are not allowed on these paths.

South Creek Greenway

The South Creek Greenway is a 5.8-mile long paved pathway located to the south of Downtown Springfield. The trail spans from the neighborhood to the south of W. Farm Road 160 and east of S. State Highway Ff to McDaniel Park at the intersection of E. sunset Street and S.National Avenue.

The South Creek Greenway travels through the natural areas alongside the creek, passing residential neighborhood and local parks. The route is located away from traffic and has relatively few road crossings.The trail has a loop around Lake Drummund and connects to the trails at Nathanael Green Park. The park has a number of specialized gardens and includes the Gray / Campbell Farmstead. Other points of interest along the route of the trail include Carver Middle School, Pinegar Arena, the Darr Agricultural Center and a pedestrian bridge for crossing the south Kansas Expressway.

Wilsons Creek Greenway

The Wilsons Creek Greenway is a system of separate paved pathways to the southwest of the downtown area. The longest section is over 2.5 miles long and spans from Rutledge Wilson Farm Community Park to Farm Road 156. The trail travels through natural areas away from streets and has an underpass for crossing W.Sunshine Street.

Another section of the Wilsons Creek Greenway spans from the northwest side of the interchange of Highway 60 and S. State Highway Ff to W. Republic Road.

Fullbright Spring Greenway

The Fullbright Spring Greenway is located on the north side of Springfield. The greenway has several separate sections of trail.

The longest section is paved and over 3.3-miles long and wanders through the natural areas alongside the South Dry Sac River, from Fullbright Spring Park to E. Farm Road 100. the southeast end of the trail stops at Truman Elementary School.

Another separate section of the Fullbright Spring Greenway is a 1.3-mile long paved pathway that wraps around Valley Water Mill Pond.

Frisco Highline Trail

The Frisco Highline Trail is a 35-mile long mostly unpaved pathway that extends from Bolivar to Springfield in Southwestern Missouri. The trail is located along an abandoned railroad right-of-way which is also the historic route that Harry S. Truman took on his "Whistlestop" campaign in 1948. The route takes trail users through wide open Missouri countryside, past farmland, through thick woodlands and crossing sixteen bridges over rivers and streams. There is wildlife along the trail and the route has few street crossings.

The south end of the Frisco Highline Trail is located along W. Kearney Street to the west of Interstate 44 near the Springfield-Branson National Airport. From this location the trail heads to the northwest and goes through the community of Willard. The trail is paved from Springfield to the north of W. Farm Road 68 on the north side of Willard.

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