Map of the Bear Creek Trail, Columbia, MO


Bear Creek Trail, Columbia, Missouri

Bear Creek Trail Missouri map area

Bear Creek Trail, Missouri


5 miles


unpaved - crushed limestone




Cosmo Park, natural areas along Bear Creek, Garth Nature Area, Proctor Park, Albert-Oakland Park


Katy Trail



The Bear Creek Trail is a 5-mile long system of unpaved pathways located on the north side of Columbia in Central Missouri. Bear Creek Trail connects two major parks, the Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area, also known as Cosmo) and the Albert-Oakland Park. Within each of these parks there are hiking trails and other attractions.

The trail wanders through the woodlands and wetlands alongside Bear Creek. The trail has a number of branches that reach into the local residential neighborhoods or access the major thoroughfares.


The Bear Creek Trail is mostly unpaved with a surface of crushed limestone. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking.


The Bear Creek Trail wanders through the neighborhoods north of Interstate 70 on the north side of Columbia.

Points of Interest

The Bear Creek Trail goes near the following points of interest:

Cosmo Park
Antimi Sports Complex
L. A. Nickell Golf Course
Garth Nature Area
Dog Park
Boxer Park
Albert-Oakland Park
Oakland Junior High School
End Points

The west end of the Bear Creek Trail is located in Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area at the end of of the entrance road or the end of Parkside Drive. There are many hiking trails located in the park as well as the Cosmo Fitness Loop. The Cosmo Fitness Loop is a 1.25-mile long paved path on the south side of the park.

The east end of the Bear Creek Trail is located at Albert-Oakland Park on Blue Ridge Road. There is parking at the park, restrooms, athletic fields and playgrounds. This is also the location of Oakland Middle School.


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