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Jefferson City, Missouri

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Buisiness 50 West Trail

Ellis Porter Park Trail

Jefferson City Greenway Trail

Jefferson City Memorial Park Trail

Katy Trail

Jefferson City is situated on the Missouri River in the middle of the State of Missouri and is the state capital.

Jefferson City is located along the Katy Trail and has its own system of recreational trails for walking, bike riding, running, enjoying the outdoors and commuting to work or to school.

Jefferson City Greenway

The Jefferson City Greenway is a system of paved trails located throughout the city improved with landscaping. The trail connects several parks, schools and other points of destination.

The longest continuous section fo trail extends for about 7.5 miles from County Park Road to W. Dunkin Street. The southwest end of this section of the Jefferson City Greenway is located at Cole County Park. the trail then heads north to follow alongside Fairgrounds Road, going past Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Clarence Lawson Elementary School. The trail then follows alongside W. Edgewood Drive. One branch of the trail heads up alongside Wildwood Drive to Shermans Hollow. At Stadium Boulevard the main trail heads north alongside the road until Hard Rock Drive. At this point it starts to follow alongside Wears Creek.

The Jefferson City Greenway meanders along just south of the downtown area and goes past Lions Field and Washington Park. This section of the trail heads under Highway 54 and stops at W. Dunkin Street. Before the highway, a branch of the trail heads south at Duesing Field and goes as far south as Swifts Highway.

There is a separate section of trail located on the south side of the city. This trail extends from Aurora Avenue to E. McCarty Street. The trail goes past Jefferson City High School, McLung Park, Lincoln University and Community Park.

There are also trails located at Ellis-Porter Park situated on the Missouri River on the east side of Jefferson City, at Jefferson City Memorial Park on the north side of the city and at McKay Park on the south side of the city.

For those wishing to head up to the Katy Trail, there is a pedestrian/bicycle path on the Highway 54 bridge crossing the river. this connects to streets on the north side of the river which lead to the Katy Trail Connector to the trailhead on Katy Road.

Katy Trail

The Katy Trail is a 225-mile long trail that extends across much of of the State of Missouri. The Katy Trail has a surface of packed crushed limestone and was built along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The trail runs across the open country side of Missouri. It goes through farmland, across wetlands, over bridges and through thick forests. Much of the trail is located away from major roadways and has relatively few road crossings. There are long stretches between the communities along the trail, but many of them have trailheads with restrooms and offer other amenities.

The Katy Trail is located just north of Jefferson City. It heads both east and west and goes through several of the nearby communities, such as Tebbetts, Mokane, Steedman and Portland to the east and Hartsburg, Easley and Columbia to the west. The trailhead for the Katy Trail in Jefferson City is about 27 miles away from the trailhead for the Katy Trail for Columbia.

You can reach the Katy Trail from Downtown Jefferson City by using the pedestrian/bicycle path alongside Highway 54 over the Missouri River then use the local streets and the Katy Trail Connector to get to the trailhead on Katy Road.

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