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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in St. Louis, Missouri

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St. Louis, Missouri

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Al Foster Trail

Cardinal Trail

Columbia Bottom Trail

Creve Coeur Lake Trails

Forest Park Bike Path

Fountain Lakes Park

Grant's Trail

Hamburg Trail

Interstate 70 Trail

Katy Trail

Klondike Park Trail

Maple Tree Trail

Meramac Greenway

Meramac Landinge Park Trail

Missouri Greenway - Earth City Levee Trail

Monarch-Chesterfield Levee Trail

River des Peres Greenway Trail

Rock Hollow Trail

Spencer Creek Trail

St. Louis Riverfront Trail

St. Vincent Greenway Trail

Sunset Greenway Trail

Washington Bikeway Rotary Riverfront Trail

Western Greenway Trail


East St. Louis, IL

St. Louis is located on the Mississippi River on the eastern border of the State of Missouri. The city has a number of recreational trails for walking and bike riding in addition to the walking and riding paths in the local parks.

St. Louis River Front Trail

The St. Louis Riverfront Trail is a 13.5-mile long paved trail along the west banks of the Mississippi River on the north side of St. Louis. The north end of the trail is located just south of the bridge for Interstate 270.

The trail then goes by Chain of Rocks Park, North River Front Park and the McKinnley Bridge. Trail users can cross the river on McKinnley Bridge. The St. Louis Riverfront Trail continues to the sout and ends south of the Interstate 70 bridge at the intersection of Lewis Street and Ashley Street.

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Katy Trail

The Katy Trail is a 238-mile mostly unpaved long trail that crosses much of the State of Missouri. The east end of the trail is located to the north of St. Louis and the west end is located in the City of Cliton on the west side of Missouri. The trail crosses to the northwest of the St. Louis area.

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River des Peres Greenway Trail

The River des Peres Greenway Trail is a 6.3-mile long paved trail that is located in the southwest side of the city. The trail travels though the greenbelt along the River des Peres Drainage Channel and extends from Lansdowne Avenue ro south of Lemay Ferry Road. There is a connector trail north of Interstate 55 that heads over to Carondelet Park. The park has numerous walking paths and a couple of ponds.

Forest Park Bike Path

Forest Park is a very large park to the west of Downtown St. Louis. It has numerous walking paths and other attractions. Forest Park is located just to the north of Interstate 64 and is situated between S. Skinner Boulevard and S. Kingshighway Boulevard. In addition to the multitude of walking paths that are located within the park, there is a 5.5-mile long paved path for bikes only that wraps around the outside of the entire park.

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St. Vincent Greenway Trail

The St. Vincent Greenway Trail is a 2-mile long paved trail located near the University of Missouri St. Louis Campus, northeast of St. Charles Rock Road.

Monarch-Chesterfield Levee Trail

The Monarch-Chesterfield Levee Trail is a mostly paved pathway located in Chesterfield, west of St. Louis. Currently there is 10.9 miles of trail with plans for a larger connected loop.

The west end of the trail is off of Centaur Road to the west of N. Eartherton Road. The trail travels to the northeast from here along the Centaur Chute, a waterway that is a branch of the Missouri River around Howell Island. The trail does a jog to go under Interstate 64 just south of the bridge over the Missouri River. The trail then heads to the east going past River's Edge Park and the shopping mall. You can connect with the unpaved trails in the park in this area.

A separate section of the trail can be reached from the east end of N. Outer 40 Road. This trail then does a sharp kick back to the west under Interstate 64. The trail then travels along Bonhomme Creek alongside Edison Avenue, going past Railroad Park. The trail ends at Long Road, south of Edison Road. There is a trailhead off of Edison Road, east of Long Road.

Grant's Trail

Grant's Trail is an 8-mile long paved path located on the south side of the St. Louis area. The trail extends from the intersection of S. Holmes Avenue and Leffingwell Avenue to a point to the northeast of Mt. Olive Road. The trail passes several parks and other attractions along the way

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Spanish Lakes Trail

Spanish Lake is located near Bellefontaine Road and Spanish Pond Drive to the north of St. Louis. There are picnic facilities, restrooms and atheltic fields at this location. A 1.5-mile long path wraps around the lake and offers pretty views and a good place to observe and enjoy nature.

Sunset Greenway

The Sunset Greenway Trail is a 4-mile long paved path located in Florissant the north side of the St. Louis area. The trail extends from Sunset Park on the Missouri River to the Old Ferdinand Shrine next to Coldwater Commons Park.

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Edgar M. Queeny County Park Trails

Edgar M. Queeney County Park is located at 550 Weidman Road & 1675 South Mason Road on the west side of Saint Louis. The park has over 5-miles of paved and unpaved trails that wander the length of the park. The park offers a wonderful place to view the natural environment, native species of flora and fauna and bird watching.

Creve Coeur Lake Trail & Mallard Lake Trail

Creve Coeur Lake Park is located on the northwest side of the St. Louis area. The lake is located to the north of Highway 364 and west of Interstate 270. There are a paved paths that wrap around the lake, connecting the several parking areas, athletic fields, picnic areas and natural areas at the park.

On the south end of Creve Coeur Lake, the trails meet the Mallard Lake Trail. Mallard Lake is located to the south of Highway 364. The Mallard Lake Trail reaches south to Old Farm Estates and Bookbinder Drive.

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