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Circle Trail

Holliday Creek Trail

Kiwanis Park Trail

Lake Wichita Dam Trail

Lake Wichita Park Trail

Sikes Lake Trail

Wichita River Trail

Wichita Falls is located in North Texas between Oklahoma City and Dallas. This is a historic and pretty city situated along the Wichta River and has a population of just over 100,000 people. The city has a large system of recreational trails that consists of over 18 miles of paved trails for bike riding, walking and running. These trails take you through some of the lovely parks and shady greenbelts of the city.

Circle Trail

The Circle Trail is the name given to the system of existing and proposed paved pathways that wrap aroung the City of Wichita Falls. This trail system includes the Wichita River Trail that wraps around Lucy Park then follows along side the Wichita River on the north side of the city. The route of the trail takes it past the Riverside Cemetery, the cascades of Wichita Falls, under Interstate 44, under Burnett Street and past O'Reilly Park. After O'Reilly Park the trail follows the river through a long stretch of natural area with shady trees and views of the river. The trail has few street crossing and provides a great way to get some exercise while seeing the prettier parts of the city away from roadways and traffic.

The Wichita River Trail then drops to the south through Williams Park on the northeast side of town. There is parking, restrooms, a play area and other facilities at the park. The trail meets with the trail along Holliday Creek at the south end of Williams Park.

Holliday Creek Trail

The Holliday Creek Trail heads south along side the channel for the creek. It route goes past Wa. Jackson Elementary School, under Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, under E. Scott Avenue, under Old Jackson Highway, under Highway 287, and through Hamilton Park. There are parking areas, restrooms, play areas, tennis courts and other facilities at Hamilton Park.

Heading south of Hamilton Park, the Holliday Creek Trail goes under Midwestern Parkway and past Weeks Park Tennis Center and the Champions Course at Weeks Park. The trail then goes under Southwest Parkway and Kemp Boulevard to reach Lake Wichita. The trail intersects with the trail across the dam for Lake Wichita. Follow the trail around the dam and you come to the trail around Lake Wichita Park.

There are two other completed sections of the Circle Trail. One is a 1.75-mile long paved pathway adjacent to Barnett Road. This trail extends from Lakeshore Drive on the south to Johnson Road on the north and goes past McNeil Jr. High School, Wichita Falls Memorial Stadium and Hoskins Field.

The other completed section of the Circle Trail is located along Seymoure Highway on the northwest side of the city. It extends from the railroad tracks to a parking area north of Arrowhead Drive. When completed, the trail will head up to the river and then over to connect to the existing trail at Lucy Park.


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