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McKinney, Texas

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A. Hardy Eubanks Jr. Park Trail

Cottonwood Creek Trail

Craig Ranch Trail

Eldorado Parkway Trail

Gabe Nesbitt Community Park Trails

Hackberry Greenway

Hardin Boulevard Trail

Stonebridge Drive Trail

Towne Lake Park Trail

TPC at Craig Ranch Trail

Valley Creek Trail

Virginia Parkway Trail

Wilson Creek - Bonnie Wenk Park Trail



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McKinney is located in Collin County in North Central Texas. The city is situated to the north of Plano on the outskites of the greater Dallas metropolitan area.

McKinney has numerous recreational trails for bike riding, walking and running. Many of these trails are placed along creeks or running through open space areas. There are also many wide paved trails along the major thoroughfares for getting about town.

Wilson Creek Trail System

There is a 5-mile long system of connected paved trails located along Wilson Creek as it runs through the middle of McKinney. These trails run through the natural area along the waterway, connect several parks, travel past numerous schools and have underpasses fro crossing major roadways.

The north end of the Wilson Creek Trail is located at the intersection of N. Lake Forest Drive and Fieldcrest Drive. The paved trail heads to the south, running between the residential area and the forest. The trail then goes past a small pond and meets up with another branch of the trail an goes past Cockrill Middle School. There is a paved access path running north along Hardin Boulevard to reach the school. The trail follows the Hardin Boulevard to the south to cross over Wilson Creek, then wraps below the bridge and continues to the southeast along the drainage way.

The trail then goes through Bonnie Wenk Park. In the park there is parking and restrooms. There are also several paved loops in the park as well as a dog park. South of Bonnie Wenk Park, the Wilson Creek Trail heads under Virginia Parkway. There is a paved access trail that heads to the southwest, but the mail trail heads over to follow N. Brook Drive and heads over to the Al Ruschaupt Soccer Complex. There is parking, playgrounds and restrooms at the athletic fields.

South of the Al Ruschhaupt Soccer Complex there is an access path that heads to the south to reach the paved trail alongside the Valley Creek Trail roadway. The mail trail along Wilson Creek goes under S Central Expressway. The trail now connects to the trails in the Towne Lake Recreation Area where there is parking, restrooms, playgrounds and fishing piers. Paved trails travel around both sides of Towne Lake. From Towne Lake Recreation Area, there are paved trails heading to the McKinney Community Center, Wilson Creek Softball Complex and the McKinney Senior Recreation Center on S. College Street. Another trail heads under Wilson Creek Parkway and travels about 0.4 mile to the north end of S. College Street.

Cottonwood Creek Trail

Cottonwood Creek Trail is a paved pathway that extends for about 3 miles located on the south side of McKinney. The trail starts at the intersection of Hudson Crossing and Pine Ridge Boulevard at the south end of the Gay Nesbitt Trail. From this location the trail follows alongside Pine Ridge Boulevard until E.A. Randles Park.

The trail goes through E.A. Randles Park, going past Rueben Johnson Elementary School. From there it heads over to Winniford Park. The trail heads south going past McGowen Elementary School and extends to the south to Colin McKinney Parkway.


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