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Map of the River Legacy Parks Trails


River Legacy Park Trails

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River Legacy Parks Trails


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West Fork Trinity River, Lake Viridian, Elzi Odum Athletic Center, River Legacy Parks


Green Oaks Boulevard Trail



The River Legacy Parks are located on the northwestern side of the Arlington area at 701 NW Green Oaks Boulevard. These parks are located along the West Fork Trinity River and are comprised of acres of hardwood forest teaming with many species of wildlife.

The River Legacy Living Science Center is one attraction for the park and has aquariums, exhibits, nature trails and a gift shop. The science center is located at 703 NW Green Oaks Boulevard near the entrance road to the park.

The park is also located alongside Lake Viridian and there is a paved trail just east of N. Collins Street that leads to Viridian Lake Slope Park on the north side of the lake.

The main entrance to the parks is located along Rose-Brown-May Parkway off of NE Green Oaks Boulevard. A paved pathway follows alongside the entrance road and goes around the loop with the parking areas and the Elm Grove Pavilion.To get to the paved trail along the river, continue past this loop and use one of the connecting trails at the north end.

A lengthy paved trail system meanders through the parks and also connect to paved trails that extend to other nearby parks. In addition to the paved pathways, there are many mountain bike trails consisting of dirt paths. The paved paths in the parks travel over 7 miles through the thick woods alongside the course of the West Fork Trinity River from a point just east of Greenbelt Road to a point just west of Riverside Golf Course.

The paved path that is located at the entrance to the parks connects to the wide paved pathway on the north side of NW Green Oaks Boulevard. This pathway leads to the west for 3.5 miles along the roadside to connect to the Village Creek Trail. The Village Creek Trail connects to the trail at the Village Creek Historical Center. This series of trails adds another 5-miles of paved trail for those bike riders looking to get a bit more exercise.


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