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Richardson, Texas

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Breckinridge Park Trail

Breckinridge Trail

Central Trail

Creek Hollow Park Trail

Crowley Park Trail

Duck Creek Trail

Galawyn Woodland Preserve Trail

Glenville Trail

Owens Trail

Renner Trail

Roy Orr Trail

White Rock Creek Trail




The City of Richardson is located directly east of Dallas in North Central Texas. The city has three separate systems of connected recreational trails for bike riding, walking, running, commuting to work or school and enjoying the outdoors. There are also paved pathways in several of the local parks, through open spaces and alongside major thoroughfares.

One of the systems of recreational trails in Richardson is a series of connected paved pathways that extend from the University of Texas at Dallas campus on N. Coit Road to Spring Creek and then to the south alongside N. Greenville Avenue. This system of trails is also not far from the Preston Ridge Trail and the Cottonwood Trail in north Dallas.

Another system of paved connected recreational trails consists of the Owens Trail, the Duck Creek Trail and the Glenville Trail in the southwest area of the city.

Breckinridge Park is located in the northeast corner of the city. The park has miles of paved and unpaved trails for exploring the natural areas, access to the multiple athletic fields and ponds. These trails are connect to several other paved trails in the area.

White Rock Creek Trail

The White Rock Creek Trail is 17 miles long and extends from just south of Spring Valley Road to the north end of White Rock Lake Park. There are two separate sections of the trail to the north of the continuous section. The trail wanders through the natural areas alongside White Rock Creek, goes past local parks, residential neighborhoods, schools, golf courses and commercial districts.

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Spring Creek Trail

The Spring Creek Trail is a 4.5-mile long system of paved pathways located in Richardson on the northeast side of the Dallas area. The Spring Creek Trail connects to the Renner Trail on the north end and to the Central Trail on the west. The Spring Creek Trail winds through the thickly wooded area along Spring Creek to the east of N Central Expressway and nor of E. Lookout Drive. The Owens Trail is just east of the Spring Creek Trail at Lookout Park.

Renner Trail

The Renner Trail is a 2-mile long paved trail that runs alongside Renner Road and connects the University Trail with the Spring Creek Trail. The west end is at Synergy Park Boulevard and the east end is at its junction with the Spring Creek Trail near Renner Road and N. Central Expressway.

There are also several stretches of paved recreational trails located alongside Renner Road as it travels from one side of the city to the other. These trails connect to the trails in Breckinridge Park on the northeast side of Richardson.

University Trail

The University Trail is wide paved trails for bike riders and walkers near the University of Texas at Dallas campus. The trail runs adjacent to W. Campbell Road,  N. Floyd Road and Synergy Park Boulevard.

Central Trail

The Central Trail is a 4-mile long paved pathway that connects to the Spring Creek Trail at N. Glenville Drive. The trail follows alongside N. Central Expressway as far south as Buckingham Road.

Owens Trail

The Owens Trail is a 2.5-mile long paved trail located in the southern portion of Richardson. There are two separate paved trails that can be connected by traveling along Owens Boulevard. The northerly section starts at the end of Lookout Drive east of Jupiter Road,  crosses Spring Creek and Sherrill Park Golf Course then drops south going around Lookout Park. It then ends at the northern end of Owens Boulevard.

The southerly portion of the Owens Trail starts at Barclay Drive and Owens Boulevard then travels south along the greenbelt under the powerlines to Brookmeadow Drive then kicks over to cross Duck Creek and meet up with the Duck Creek Trail

Duck Creek Trail

The Duck Creek Trail consists of 4.3 miles of paved trails within Duck Creek Linear Park located in the southerly portion of Richardson. The north end of the trail is located just north of the intersection of Creekside Drive and N. Plano Road. After a short stretch to the east, the trail goes to the south along Duck Creek.

At the bend to the south, it intersects with the Owens Trail. Duck Creek Trail crosses Yale Boulevard and Apollo Road at street level. Part way between Apollo Road and Jupiter Road, the trail has a bridge to cross the creek and join up with the Glenville Trail. The south end of Duck Creek Trail is located on N. Jupiter Road just north of E. Belt Line Road.

Glenville Trail

Glenville Trail is a 2.2-mile long paved trail system that is located in the southerly portion of Richardson. It connects to Duck Creek Trail near Gold Finch Drive then travels to the west going through a residential neighborhood. After crossing Yale Boulevard, the Glenville Trail goes by the Richardson Tennis Center, Apollo Junior High School and Huffhines Park. The trail then crosses N. Plano Road and goes through Mark Twain Park and Mark Twain Elementary School. The trail goes to the south alongside S, Glenville Drive and goes past Glenville Park.

The southwest end of Glenville Trail is located on S. Bowser Road near E. Spring Valley Road.

Breckinridge Park Trails

Breckinridge Park is a large 417-acre park located on Renner Road in the far northeast corner of Richardson. The park has miles of paved and unpaved multi-use trails for bike riding, walking, running and access to the athletic fields, ponds and natural areas.

Many of the paved trails in the Breckinridge Park connect to trails that lead to residential areas and other destinations in the area.


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