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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Pampa, Texas

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Pampa, Texas

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Pampa Parks Trail

Pampa Recreation Park Trail

Red Deer Creek Hike and Bike Trail

Pampa is a small community of 18,000 people in the Texas Panhandle, 53 miles northwest of Amarillo. It has three recreational trail for bike riding, walking, running and commuting to school.

There is a 0.7-mile long paved trail system that connects several parks on the north side of the town. The trail extends from N. Charles Street to N. Evergreen Street and goes through Alameda Park, Aspen City Park and near Evergreen Park. It also connects to walkways leading to Stephen F. Austin Elementary School.

Red Deer Creek Hike and Bike Trail

The Red Deer Creek Hike and Bike Trail is a 2.5 mile long paved trail that follows Red Deer Creek as it wander through town. The trail connects several local parks including: East Coronado Park, Buckler Park, Highland Park, West Central Park, Central Park, Red Deer Park and Mora Wilks Park.

The route of the paved trail starts at Boyd Avenue near N. Zimmer Street, crosses under N. Hobart Street, N. Somerville Street, Cook Street and Cuyler Street. At Central Park, the trail heads north alongside N. Duncan Street , then heads under N. Yeager Street, E. Kentucky Avenue and E. Harverster Avenue. The northeast end of the Red Deer Hike and Bike Trail is located at the intersection of E. 16th Avenue and N. Evergreen Street.

Recreation Park Walking Trail

There is a 0.6-mile long paved walking path that loops around the lake at the north end of Recreation Park.


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