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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Trail

Archgate Park Trail

Bluebonnet Trail

Bob Woodruff Park Trails

Chase Oak Boulevard Trail

Chisholm Trail

Coyote Creek Park Trail

Frito Lay Loop

Hoblitzelle Park Trail

Legacy Trail

Oak Point Park Trail

Old Shepard Park Trail

Preston Ridge Trail

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Santa Fe Trail

Shady Brook Trail

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Plano is located about 20 miles directly north of Downtown Dallas in the northeast part of the State of Texas. The city has numerous recreational trails for walking, running and bike riding that are situated along creeks, greenbelts or open space areas. The system of trails is quite expansive, but there are plans to expand and connect the current trails for an even larger trail network that better connects the different communities.

Chisholm Trail

Chisholm Trail

The Chisholm Trail is a 5-mile long system of inter-winding paved paths along Spring Creek as it flows through the middle of Plano. This is the historic route of the cattle drives in the late 1800s where they drove large herds of cattle all the way up to the trains in Kansas for shipment. The trails connect several parks, goes through residential areas and goes near several schools. It has underpasses for crossing the major roadways along its route.

The north end of the Chisholm Trail is located at Legacy Drive between Coit Road and Independence Parkway. Its route takes it through a neighborhood greenbelt then under Independence Parkway to Jack Carter Park, past Schimelpfenig Middle School and Carlisle Elementary School and the dog park. Within Jack Carter Park, the Chisholm Trail intersects with the Bluebonnet Trail, another lengthy paved trail that heads to both the east and to the west.

The Chisholm Trail goes under W. Spring Creek Parkway to go through the greenbelt along Spring Creek and past the Plano Veterans Memorial Park. In this section the trail goes past Christie Elementary School and through Big Lake Park. The trail then goes under W. Parker Road, Alma Drive and W. Park Boulevard. It continues heading south going past Harrington Park.

The south end of the Chisholm Trail is located at E. 15th Street, just west of Highway 75.

Bluebonnet Trail

Bluebonnet Trail

The Bluebonnet Trail travels in a east-west direction through the middle of Plano. The 6-mile long paved trail is located along the greenspace below powerlines away from major roads, The route of the path is adjacent to several residential neighborhoods, goes through several parks, intersects other trail systems and intersects with five major thoroughfares. The intersections with the major streets is at street level, so you will have to deal with crossing traffic. This trail is used by walkers, runners and cyclists. It is great for commuting through town, getting to school and week-end outings.

Currently the west end of the trail is located at Preston Road 1/3 of a mile north of W. Spring Creek Parkway. Along its route the trail first goes past Archgate Park, Robinson Middle School and Carpenter Park. At the southwest corner of Carpenter Park the Bluebonnet Trail intersects with the Preston Ridge Trail which travels in a north-south direction through much of Plano.

Farther to the east, the Bluebonnet Trail goes through Jack Carter Park. In Jack Carter Park the Bluebonnet Trail intersects with the Chisholm Trail that heads to the north and to the south along Spring Creek. The two trails become one for a short stretch. Schmelpfenig Middle School is just north of this section of the trail and the Dog Park is just to the south. The Bluebonnet Trail continues to the east going across Custer Road at street level.

The next couple of parks that the Bluebonnet Trail goes through are Wagon Wheel Park and High Point Park on either side of Alma Drive. East of High Point Park, the Bluebonnet Trail wraps around Clark High School and High Point Park Tennis Center.

The east end of the Bluebonnet Trail is located at the intersection of W. Spring Creek Parkway and Chase Oaks Boulevard. At this location, there is a paved pathway for walking and bike riding that follows Chase Oaks Boulevard to the north.

Preston Ridge Trail

Preston Ridge Trail

The Preston Ridge Trail is a 6-mile long paved pathway that runs north to south through much of the city of Plano. The route of the trail follows the greenbelt below powerlines as it goes through residential neighborhoods. The trail does not have many road crossings, but the crossings for major thoroughfares are at street level. 

The north end of the trail is located on Ridgeview Drive to the west of Coit Road. The trail heads to the south and passes Borchardt Elementary School and W.H. Buzz Rasor Park. There is an intersection with the Legacy Trail at the park.

After crossing McDermott Road the trail goes through the residential neighborhoods. Its route is nearby to the atheltic fields of Heritage Yards at Plano on Hedgcoxe Road. At 3/4 of a mile south of where the Preston Ridge Trail crosses Legacy Drive, there is an intersection with the Bluebonnet Trail. The trail continues to the south at crosses W. Spring Creek Parkway, goes through Preston Meadow Park, crosses W. Parker Road and W. Park Boulevard.

Currently, the south end of the Preston Ridge Trail is located at Eldorado Drive and Travis Drive, just east of Beaty Early Childhood School and Eldorado Park. The Preston Ridge Trail in Plano does not connect to the Preston Ridge Trail in the City of Dallas.

Legacy Trail

Legacy Trail

The Legacy Trail is located on the northwest side of Plano.

There are currently three separate sections of completed trail with plans to connect the sections in the future. The trail follows alongside White Rock Creek next to residential and commercial areas. One completed section goes past Children's Medical Center near Preston Road.

The south end of the Legacy Trail is located on W. Spring Creek Parkway near Windcrest Drive.

Oak Point Park Trail, Bob Woodruff Park Trail and Santa Fe Trail

Oak Point Park Trail

The Oak Point Park Trail wanders through Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve on the east side of Plano. There are several miles of interconnecting paved pathways that meander through the natural landscape. There are also unpaved trails within the park for hiking.

The north end of the Oak Point Park Trail is located on the west side of Highway 75 and meets up with the bike path along Chase Oaks Boulevard. There is an underpass for crossing the highway and you will find yourself wandering through a natural forest setting. The trail goes by Hidden Creek Stables and the amphitheater.

The south end of the Oak Point Park Trail is located at E. Parker Road where the trail intersects with trails that wander through Bob Woodruff Park. The Bob Woodruff Park Trail goes by Dooley Elementary School, around the lake and as far south at 18th Street.

The Santa Fe Trail connects to the trails in Bob Woodruff Park near Spring Creek Parkway and head west along the greenbelt through the residential areas south of Parker Road. The Santa Fe Trail goes by A. R. Schell Park, Memorial Elementary School and near Bowman Middle School on Jupiter Road.

Hoblitzelle Park Trail

Hoblitzelle Park Trail

The Hoblitzelle Park Trail is located on the northeast side of Plano.

The paved trails follow alongside Russell Creek and go by Hedcoxe Elementary School and Hendrick Middle School.

There are several interconnecting trails within Hoblitzelle Park and the adjacent greenbelt that extend from Georgetown Drive to Vineyard Drive near The Courses at Watters Creek golf course.

Russell Creek Greenbelt Trail

Russell Creek Greenbelt Trail

The Russell Creek Greenbelt Trail is located on the northeast side of Plano.

The paved trails wrap around Russell Creek Park and then follow the greenbelt to the south of the park. The trail system extends from McDermott Road, past Independence Parkway and ends just east of Custer Road.

The trails of the Russell Creek Greenbelt go near Rice Middle School and Skaggs Elementary School.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Trails

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Trails

The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is located on the far west side of Plano. The park is a 200-acre natural area.

There are over 3 miles of paved trails, multiple unpaved trails in the park and a designated off-road cycling area.

The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is located north of W. Parker Road just west of Midway Road.


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