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Map of the Lake Mineral Wells Trailway


Lake Mineral Wells Trailway

Lake Mineral Wells Texas Trailway map area

Lake Mineral Wells Trailway


20 miles




Mineral Wells, Cool, Weatherford


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Fort Worth

The Lake Mineral Wells Trailway is a 20-mile long mostly unpaved trail located 30 miles west of central Fort Worth, Texas. The trail follows an abandoned railroad bed between the cities of Mineral Wells and Weatherford in North Central Texas.  There are access trails from Lake Mineral Wells State Park.

The trail takes you residential areas, across several bridges, through forested areas and farmland. You will see wildlife and wildflowers. Its a great place to bring the family for some healthy and educational outdoor recreation.


The Lake Mineral Wells Trailway is mostly unpaved with a graded and compacted surface of crushed stone. The trailway has wide curves and flat grades and is suitable for hiking, mountain bikes and horseback riding.

The Lake Mineral Wells Trailway has long stretches without any services and cell phone coverage can be spotty. Be sure to bring plenty of water and any emergency repair equipment. Stay away from wildlife and watch out for snakes. Watch the weather and plan your trip for the cooler times of the day.

End Points & Trail Description

The west end of the Lake Mineral Wells Trailway is located on SW 2nd Avenue and SW 3rd Street in the City of Mineral Wells. This trailhead is situated just two blocks south of SE 1st Street, Highway 180. There is a large parking area and restroom. The trail heads directly east from here and is paved through town, but then turns into a gravel pathway at Garrett Morris Parkway. The route takes a few wide turns and then crosses Highway 180. Just south of the highway crossing there is another large parking area. This is the location of the National Vietnam War Museum. The museum has several exhibits and memorials, as well as a 1/2 scale replica of the Moving Wall Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.

The trail crosses over Highway 180 near Maddux Road with a elaborate bridge. At 3/4 miles north of the highway crossing, you will see an access path that leads north to Lake Mineral Wells State Park.  Just after this access path, you will see a road going south that leads to Clark Gardens which is a large botanical garden and event center.  The Lake Mineral Wells Trailway follows alongside Maddux Road for another 3 miles, but then takes off cross country after leaving the community of Garner. There is a parking area for the trail in Garner.

East of Garner, the tree-lined trail goes for over 10 miles across open farmland and other wooded areas. It only crosses a couple of country roads in this long but beautiful stretch heading into the outskirts of Weatherford. The east end of the Lake Mineral Wells Trailway is located at Cartwright Park. The park is northeast of the intersection of County Road 920 and Ric Williamson Memorial Highway to the northwest of Weatherford.



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