Map of bike paths / walking paths in the Sugar Land & Missouri City area


Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Sugar Land and Missouri City, Texas

Sugar Land, Texas map area

Sugar Land, Texas

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Bayou Burney Trail

Keegans Bayou Trail

Oyster Creek Trail

Skeeter Trail

Sugar Land Memorial Park Trail

University Boulevard Multi-Use Path



Sugar Land and Missouri City are located to the southwest of Houston in the southeast portion of Texas. This area has a number of recreational trails located in parks and other open spaces. There is also a network of paved trails along major thoroughfares and local streets for bike riding, walking and running. Many of the neighborhoods within the Sugar Land area have walking paths that wander through open space areas.

Keegans Bayou Trail & Brays Bayou Greenway

Keegans Bayou Trail travels along the north side of Missouri City. The trail has two separate sections to each side of Interstate 69. the eastern section heads to the east and connects to Brays Bayou Greenway which extends to Downtown Houston.

Sugar Land Memorial Park & Brazos River Corridor

Sugar Land Memorial Park is located to the west of University Boulevard near the intersection with Commonwealth Boulevard on the south side of Sugar Land. The park unpaved pathways for bike riding and walking. The trails wrap around the lake and take a loop through meadows adjacent to the Brazos River.

University Boulevard Multi-Use Path

There is a multi-use path located adjacent to University Boulevard on the south side of Sugar Land. The path goes past the University of Houston, Sugar Land Memorial Park, Fort Settlement Middle School and Brazos Landing Park. The path connects to walking trails within the Riverstone neighborhoods.

Oyster Creek Trail

The Oyster Creek Trail is a paved pathway that wanders through the natural areas and parks alongside the creek for over 4.5 miles. The trail goes through Lost Creek Park located south of Lexington Boulevard and west of Dulles Avenue. The park has parking, picnic facilities, restrooms and athletic fields. The trail also goes through Oyster Creek Park which is located off of Highway 6. The trail has underpasses for Cartwright Road and FM 1092 Road. The south end of the trail is located near the intersection of Township Lane and FM 1092 Road.


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