Area: Dallas-Ft. Worth

Map of the Trinity Forest Trails


Trinity Forest Trails

Trinity River Trails Dallas Texas map area

Trinity Forest Trails


8 miles






Trinity forest, Lemmon Lake, Joppa Preserve, Trinity River Audubon Center, McCommas Bluff Preserve



The Trinity Forest Trails are an 8-mile long system of paved trails located along the Trinity River in the southeastern section of Dallas, Texas. These trails are located to the south of S. Great Trinity Forest Way and east of Interstate 45.

The trails wander through the wetlands and thickly forested areas within the Joppa Preserve and the McCommas Bluff Preserve and wrap around by the Trinity River Audubon Center. This area is rich with bird life and other wildlife and the trails travel well away from traffic and congestion.


The Trinity Forest Trails are paved for the entire route. There may be flooding in this area during high water, verify conditions prior to your visit. The trails are open for bike riding, running ans walking.

Points of Interest

The Trinity Forest Trails goes past the following points of interest:

Joppa Preserve
Lemmon Lake
McCommas Bluff Preserve
Trinity River Audubon Center
Access Points

There are a parking areas for accessing the Trinity Forest Trails. One parking area is just south of S.Great Trinity Forest Way a mile east of the interchange with Interstate 45. There is also parking available near the Trinity River Audubon Center which is also off of S. Great Trinity Forest Way.


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