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Terry Hershey Park Trails

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Terry Hershey Park Trails


8.5 miles


paved / unpaved




Baker Reservoir, Buffalo Bayou, Terry Hershey Park


George Bush Hike & Bike Trail



The Terry Hershey Park Trail is a 8.5-mile long system of paved and unpaved trails that is located in residential areas on the west side of the Houston area, just south of Interstate 10 and just west of the Sam Houston Parkway. The trails are located in Terry Hershey Park and wander alongside the waterway of the Buffalo Bayou. The park has a network of paved and unpaved trails, including the trails called the "Ant Hills". The park is open for running, walking and bike riding. There is kayaking along the waters of the bayou as well.

The west end of the Terry Hershey Park Trail system is located at Addicks Howell Road and Briarhills Parkway. There is a parking area for the park with access trails to Terry Hills Park and also the George Bush Park trail system. The trail to heading east Terry Hershey park tucks under the roadway and goes along the south bank adjacent to a residential neighborhood. West of N. Eldridge Parkway the trail splits and one branch heads north to go to a parking area along the frontage road and then tuck under Interstate 10. There it meets an access path to reach Park Row Drive.

At. N. Eldtridge Parkway you can stay on the paved path that now runs along the north banks, or you can choose to take the narrow tracks of the Anthills on the southern bank. East of N. Dairy Ashford Road, the pathway on the north bank splits in two with one path paved and the other unpaved.

The east end of the Terry Hershey Park Trail system is located along West Sam Houston Parkway North. There is a large parking area for the park  at 1/3 of a mile south of the intersection with Boheme Drive.


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