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Janesville, Wisconsin

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Beloit - Riverside Bike / Walking Trails

Glacial River Trail

Ice Age Trail

Peace Trail

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Sports Complex Loop

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Regional Trails

Janesville is located in Rock County in Southern Wisconsin. The city is situated on a bend in Rock River and surrounded by farmland and woodlands. Beloit is located to the south of Janesville near the border with Illinois.

Janesville and Beloit have a number of lengthy recreational trails and also have pathways located within local parks or running alongside roadways. These are paved and unpaved pathways for non-motorized uses such as walking, running or bike riding.

Ice Age Trail

The Ice Age Trail is a vast system of trails located throughout the State of Wisconsin. There are several sections of the trail located in Janesville where it is a paved path separated from roadways. These pathways make a large loop through Janesville and travel through several local parks and along the downtown riverfront and the portion of town to the north along the Rock River.

The northeastern end of this trail system is located just west of the intersection of Milton Avenue and N. County Road Y. The trail then goes under Milton Avenue and wanders behind the commercial areas along Deerfield Drive. The trail follows alongside Highway 14 and has a branch that reaches up to Sandhill Drive near Northeast Regional Park.

The Ice Age Trail heads to the southwest under Highway 14 and goes past Kennedy Elementary School and Harrison Elementary School. At N. Wright Road, the trail intersects the Sports Complex Loop Trail. The Ice Age Trail heads to the west and goes under Roger Avenue and under Interstate 39 before wandering through Blackhawk Meadows Park.

The trail goes by Camden Park then crosses E. Racine Road at Palmer Drive. At this point the trail once again intersects with the Sports Complex Loop. The Ice Age Trail continues to the southeast going past Blackhawk Golf Course.

The trail has a branch that goes up to Lions Park while the main trail wraps around Dawson Ball Field and Jeffris Park. At the west end of the park, the Ice Age Trail heads directly north and crosses the Rock River using its own separate bridge.

There are bits and pieces of paved trail along the riverfront of downtown. These trails are connected with paved sidewalk for those that want to take a stroll.

The Ice Age Trail continues along the river to the north of the downtown area. The trail goes as far north as Riverside Park. The Ice Age Trail becomes a footpath around the bend of the river at the north end of the golf course.

Sport Complex Loop

The Sports Complex Loop is a 3.5-mile long paved pathway that forms a loop that connects to the Ice Age Trail. The loop trail wraps around the Janesville Sports Complex on the southeast side of town.

Peace Trail

The Peace Trail is a 6.5-mile long paved pathway that is located on the southwest side of Janesville. It follows the Rock River as far as W. Eau Claire Road north of Afton. The north end of the Peace Trail is located at S Jackson Street and Riverside Street, just south of Downtown Janesville. The trail heads to the west along the river and goes past Wilson Elementary School. The trail goes under Center Avenue and continues to the west.

The Peace Trail splits and a portion goes around Rockport Park. At Highway 11, the Peace Trail intersects with the USH 11 Connector Trail.

Glacial River Trail

The Glacial River Trail is a paved pathway located between Janesville and Ebeneezer in Jefferson County in Southeastern Wisconsin. The trail has two completed sections, the 16.7-mile long southern section and a 2.5-mile long northern section. The trail follows alongside Route 26 going past the farmland, lakes, woodland and wetlands of the Wisconsin countryside as well as past the commercial districts and residential neighborhoods of the more urban areas.

The south end of the Glacial River Trail is located at the end of Fairmont Drive to the north of N. Write Boulevard.

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USH 11 Connector Trail

The USH 11 Connector Trail is a 3.75-mile long paved trail that follows Highway 11 from Afton Road to E. Avalon Road. There are several access paths for the trail that extend into the local neighborhoods and Prairie Knoll Park.

Beloit - Riverside Corridor Bike / Walking Trails

Beloit has several miles of paved pathways along the banks of the Rock River near the center of town.

Pelishek Nature Trail

The Pelishek Nature Trail is a 5.5-mile long pathway with a natural surface. The trail follows an abandoned railroad route between the communities of Clinton and Allens Grove 13 miles to the southeast of Janesville.


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