Map of the Buffalo River State Trail


Buffalo River State Trail

Buffalo River State Trail Wisconsin map area

Buffalo River State Trail


36 miles


unpaved - compacted crushed limestone / railroad ballast


Modovi, Eleva, Strum, Osseo, Fairchild


rail trail, Wisconsin countryside, farmland, woods, Buffalo River valley


Eau Clair

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The Buffalo River State Trail is a 36-mile long unpaved pathway that extends from Mondovi to Fairchild in Western Wisconsin. This trail was built along an abandoned railroad right-of-way that travels through the scenic Buffalo River Valley. The route goes through beautiful farmland, through thickly wooded areas and across wetlands.


The Buffalo River State Trail is unpaved with a surface of limestone screenings or railroad ballast. The trail is open to cycling, hiking and dog walking. Bike riders over the age of 16 must carry a Wisconsin State Trail Pass. The trail is not paved and has some rougher section. It is not be suitable for a styles of bicycles.

ATVs are allowed on the trail year round and snowmobiles are allowed in snowy months.


The Buffalo River State Trail goes by the following communities: Mondavi, Eleva, Strum, Osseo and Fairchild.

End Points

The west end of the Buffalo River State Trail is located on the southeast side of the communtiy of Mondovi.

The east end of the trail is located on E. Main Street and N. Center Street in Fairchild.


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