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Glacial Drumlin State Trail

Glacial Drumplin State Trail Wisconsin map area

Glacial Drumlin State Trail


52 miles




Cottage Grove, Deerfield, Lake Mills, Jefferson, Sullivan, Dousman, Waterville, Wales, Waukesha


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Glacial River Trail

Lake Country Recreation Trail

Fox River Trail

Waukesha Riverwalk




Regional Trails

The Glacial Drumlin State Trail is a 52-mile long, mostly unpaved, pathway that stretches between Cottage Grove and Waukesha in Southeastern Wisconsin. The trail forms a link between the urban areas of Madison and Milwuakee. A "glacial drumlin" is an elongated hill caused by sediment form the ice sheet that covered this area in the last Ice Age.

For most of its route, the trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad corridor. The route of the trail takes you far from traffic and congestion. The trail has gentle grades and takes a fairly straight route. There is a 1.5-mile long section north of Jefferson where trail users must use local roads to connect from one section to the other.

The Glacial Drumlin State Trail goes across mile upon mile of wide open farmland, through thick forests, crosses multiple creeks, goes past several local farming communities, past Rock Lake and crosses the Rock River and Fox River. 


The Glacial Drumlin State Trail is mostly unpaved with a surface of compacted crushed stone, though some sections are paved. The trail allows hiking, running, dog walking and bike riding. The grades are smooth and the route is located away from major roadways. A Wisconsin State Trail Pass is required to use the trail for those over 16 years of age. In winter, snowmobiles may use the trail in specific areas. Those using snowshoes and cross country skis, may also use the trail in winter.


The Glacial Drumlin State Trail goes through the following cities and towns: Cottage Grove, Deerfield, London, Lake Mills, Helenville, Sullivan, Dousman, Waterville, Wales and Waukesha.

Points of Interest

The Glacial Drumlin State Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Bakken Park - Cottage Grove
Huston Park - Cottage Grove
Deerfield Park
Zeloski Marsh
Korth Park - Lake Mills
Rock Lake
Glacial Drumlin Train Trestle - Lake Mills
Rotary Park - Lake Mills
Bridge over the Rock River
Cory Municipal Park - Dousman
Wales Elementary School
 Sunset Park - Waukesha
Nearby Trails

Glacial River Trail: the Glacial River Trail is located to the south of the Glacial Drumlin Trail in the community of Jefferson.

Ice Age Scenic Trail: A portion of the Glacial Drumlin State Trail lies within the Ice Age Scenic Trail. This is a two mile long section near the community of Wales.

Lake Country Recreation Trail: this trail can be reached by using the 3-mile long Cushing Park Road Multi-Use Path that heads to the north towards Delafield.

Fox River Trail: the Glacial Drumlin State Trail connects with the Fox River Trail at W. College Avenue, west of S. Prairie Avenue in Waukesha.

Waukesha Riverwalk: there are around 3 miles of paved pathways along the Fox River within Waukesha near the east end of the Glacial Drumlin Trail.

End Points

The west end of the Glacial Drumlin State Trail is located in Cottage Grove, west of the City of Madison. There is a large trailhead with parking and a restroom on S. Main Street and Clark Street. A wide pathway also runs alongside much af Main Street in Cottage Grove.

There is a short gap in the trail in Johnson Creek. Trail users can use W. Junction Road and County Road Y to reach the next section of the trail.

The east end of the Glacial Drumlin State Trail is located in Waukesha at Sentry Drive and W. College Avenue. The trail connects with the Fox River Trail at this location.


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