Map of the Ahnapee State Trail, WI


Ahnapee State Trail, Wisconsin

Ahnapee State Trail Wisconsin map area

Ahnapee State Trail, Wisconsin


48 miles




Sturgeon Bay, Maplewood, Forestville, Algoma, Rio Creek, Casco, Luxemburg, Clyde, Kewaunee


Door Peninsula, Lake Michigan, Green Bay, Ahnapee River, Kewuanee River, woodlands, wetlands, small communities


Green Bay

Regional Trails

The Ahnapee State Trail is a 48-mile long unpaved pathway that is located on the Door Peninsula to the east of Green Bay in Eastern Wisconsin. The trail connects the communities of Sturgeon Bay, Algona, Luxemburg and Kewaunee. A portion of the trail passes through the natural areas along the Ahnapee River and another section follows along the Kewaunee River. The route takes trail users through thick forests, across wetlands teaming with wild birds and other wildlife. Trail users will pass open farmland and prairie land and evergreen glades.

For the most part, the trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. There are few road crossings and gentle grades.


The Ahnapee State Trail is unpaved with a crushed limestone surface.The trail is open for non-motorized uses in seasons without snow. The trail does allow snowmobiles during the snowy months.

At this writing, cyclists are not required to carry a Wisconsin State Trail pass, but verify this before heading out to the trail.


The Ahnapee State Trail passes by the following communities: Sturgeon Bay, Maplewood, Forestville, Algoma, Rio Creek, Casco, Luxemburg, Clyde, and Kewaunee.

End Points

The north end of the Ahnapee State Trail is located south of Sturgeon Bay on Neenah Avenue near Wilson Road. There is an access path that comes down Neenah Avenue that leads into the neighborhoods on the southwest side of Sturgeon Bay. The main trail leads to the southwest from this location.

On the northwest side of Algoma, the main trail kicks back toward the west. A spur goes into Algoma and stops at Perry Street and Division Street. At 3 miles past Casco, there is a junction in the trail. A branch of the trail heads to the northeast and ends up in Luxemburg. The main trail heads to the south going towards Kewaunee.

In Luxemburg the Ahnapee State Trail ends at Main Street and Willow Street on the south side of town.

The south end of the Ahnapee State Trail is located in Kewaunee at Milwaukee Street and Miller Street near the south end of the harbor. Another branch ends on the north side of the harbor.


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