Map of the Badger State Trail, WI


Badger State Trail, Wisconsin

Badger State Trail Wisconsin map area

Badger State Trail, Wisconsin


40 miles


paved / unpaved


Madison, Belleview, Exeter, Monticello, Stearns, Monroe, Clarno


rail trail, 1200 foot tunnel, Wisconsin farm country, small communities


Cannonball Path

Capital City State Trail

Sugar River State Recreation Trail

Cheese Country Trail

Jane Addams Trail, IL



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The Badger State Trail is a 40-mile long pathway that extends from Madison to the southern border of Wisconsin. There are both unpaved and paved sections of the trail. The trail goes through open farmland, over rolling hills, through several farming communities and through a 1,200-foot long old railroad tunnel.

The route follows that of an abandoned railroad right-of-way, it has fairly gently grades and wide curves. The trail allows trail-users to get away from traffic and congestion and there are relatively few road crossings.

The Badger State Trail meets up with the Jane Addams Trail at the border with Illinois. The Jane Addams Trail continues to the south as far as the City of Freeport.


The Badger State Trail is open for walking, bike riding and dog walking. Much of the trail has a surface of crushed limestone, which may not be suitable for all types of bicycles. There are some paved sections. Trail users over the age of 16 must have a Wisconsin State Trail Pass with them. Going through the tunnel requires headlamps or other type of lighting as it is fairly long. The tunnel is located south of Highway 92 in the stretch between Belleville and Monticello. There are long stretches of the Badger State Trail without services, so come prepared.


The Badger State Trail goes through, or near to, the following communities: Fitchburg, Belleville, Monticello, Monroe, and Clarno.

Points of Interest

The Badger State Trail travels past the following points of interest:

Arrowhead Park - Fitchburg
Dawley Park - Fitchburg
Belleview Community Park
Twining Park - Monroe
Nearby Trails

In the Madison area, to the east of Highway 18 and Williamsburg Way, the Badger State Trail intersects the Canonball Path and the Capital City State Trail.

East of Monticello and south of County Highway Ee, the Badger State Trail intersects with the Sugar River State Recreation Trail.

The Badger State Trail passes near the Cheese Country Trail on the southwest side of Monroe. The Cheese Country Trail can be reached by heading west on W. 21st Street.

The Badger State Trail meets the Jane Addams Trail at the border of Wisconsin and Illinois.

End Points

The north end of the Badger State Trail is located near Arrowhead Park in Fitchburg. The park is situated to the east of the interchange between Highway 18 and Williamsburg Way. Several other trails meet at this location, including: the Cannonball Path, Capital City Trail and the Southwest Path. The Military Ridge Trail can be reached by following the Cannonball Path to the southwest. The Badger State Trail heads directly south at this location.

The south end of the Badger State Trail is located just east of Clarno Road on the border between Wisconsin and Illinois. At this point trail users can continue south on the Jane Addams Recreation Trail as far as Freeport, Illinois.


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