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Old Abe State Trail

Old Abe State Trail Wisconsin map area

Old Abe State Trail


20 miles




Chippewa Falls, Cornell


Lake Wissota, Old Abe Lake, farmland, woodlands, wetlands, historic railroad bridge, Lake Wissota State Park, Brunet Island State Park


Chippewa Valley State Trail


Chippewa Falls

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The Old Abe State Trail is a 20-mile long paved trail that extends from Chippewa Falls to Cornell in Western Wisconsin. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. Near the south end of the trail, there is a long causeway and historic railroad bridge crossing Lake Wissota.

The route takes trail users through thick forests, across wetland and open farmland. A portion of the route follows alongside the Chippewa River and along causeways adjacent to Old Abe Lake. The trail is located in a remote location and there is an abundance of wildlife.


The Old Abe State Trail is paved with asphalt for the entire route. The route is located away from traffic and has few road crossings. Trail users should come prepared as there are long stretches without services. The trail open for bike riding and hiking.

A Wisconsin State Trail Pass is required for cyclists over the age of 16.

Snowmobiles are allowed on the trail during months with snow.


The Old Abe State Trail goes past the following communities: Cornell and Chippewa Falls.

Points of Interest

The Old Abe State Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Brunet Island State Park
Cornell Flowage
Old Abe Lake
Jim Falls Elementary School
Anson Park
Causeway & Historic Railroad Bridge over Lake Wissota
Nearby Trails

Chippewa Valley State Trail: The Chippewa Valley State Trail heads to the southwest from Lake Hallie, This point is 5 miles south of the southern terminus of the Old Abe State Trail.

End Points

The north end of the Old Abe State Trail is located along Park Road in Brunet Island State Park, to the northwest of Cornell.

The south end of the Old Abe State Trail is located at County Road I and Highway 178 on the north side of Chippewa Falls.


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