Map of the Bearskin State Trail & Hiawatha Trail


Bearskin State Trail & Hiawatha Trail

Bearskin State Trail Wisconsin map area

Bearskin State Trail & Hiawatha Trail


18 miles & 5.5 miles


unpaved - compacted crushed stone


Minocqua, Rantz, Hazelhurst, Goodnow, Harshaw, Heafford Junction, Tomahawk


lakes, woodlands, Wisconsin countryside, small communities


Regional Trails

The Bearskin State Trail is an 18-mile long unpaved pathway located in the far north of the State of Wisconsin. The route of the trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way through the Northwoods area. The railway was constructed for hauling white pine down to major cities in the Midwest. The trail goes through a region with many lakes and thick forests.

The trail extends from Minocqua, just south of Woodruff, to a point along Highway 51, southwest of Harshaw then there is a gap of just under 4 miles. The trail starts up again at a point 3 miles north of Heafford Junction. In Heafford Junction the Bearskin State Trail connects to the Hiawatha Trail.

The Hiawatha Trail is a 5.5-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between Heafford Junction and Tomahawk. The trail follows alongside County Road A and goes past Clear Lake and the Inshalla Country Club. At the north end of Tomahawk, the Hiawatha Trail departs from County Road A and heads through forested areas toward a causeway and bridge over the Wisconsin River. The Hiawatha Trail stops at W. Somo Avenue in Tomahawk.

The route is quite remote and there is a good chance that you will see wildlife along the trail, including moose and deer. Always keep a safe distance from wildlife. There are many picturesque bridges and wooden walkways along the route as well.


The surface of the Bearskin State Trail is compacted granite. The trail is open for bike riding, hiking and dog walking. A Wisconsin State Trail Pass is required for cyclists over the age of 16. There are few road crossings and gentle grades.

The 4-mile gap in the Bearskin State Trail occurs between Forest Lane near Highway 51 and Lake Nokomis Road. The trail starts back up at Lake Nakomis Road, just east of County Road L.


The Bearskin State Trail and Hiawatha Trail pass by the following communities: Minocqua, Rantz, Hazelhurst, Goodnow, Harshaw, Heafford Junction and Tomahawk.

End Points

The north end of the Bearskin State Trail is located in the small community of Minoqua, just south of Woodruff. The trail heads of to the west on a bridge over Minocqua Lake.

The south end of the Bearskin State Trail is located in Heafford Junction at Selmer Road and Beach Road. The Hiawatha Trail continues to the south from this location. The south end of the Hiawatha Trail is located at Sara Park, at W. Somo Avenue and Marinette Street on the west side of Tomahawk.


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