Map of the Seven Waters Bike Trail


Seven Waters Bike Trail

Seven Waters Bike Trail Wisconsin map area

Seven Waters Bike Trail


14 miles


paved - unpaved - compacted crushed limestone


Wind Lake, Waterford, Rochester, Burlington


local parks, bridges over the Fox River


Norway Trail

Loomis Road Trail


White River State Trail




Regional Trails

The Seven Waters Bike Trail is a 14-mile long paved and unpaved pathway that spans between Wind Lake and Burlington in Racine County, Wisconsin. The trail roughly follows Milwaukee Avenue, Route 36 and goes past a number of parks and major roadways along the route.


The Seven Waters Bike Trail has paved sections and unpaved sections. The trail is open for bike riding and walking. there are a few gaps in the trail where trail users will need to local streets to get to the next section of the trail


The Seven Waters Bike Trail goes past the following communities: Wind Lake, Waterford, Rochester, and Burlington.

Points of Interest

The Seven Waters Bike Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Richard J. Meyer Park
Whitford Park
Case Eagle Park
Saller Woods
Cherry Lake Sedge Meadow State Natural Area
Riverside Park
Echo Park
Wehmhoff Jucker Park
Nearby Trails

Norway Trail: The Norway Trail heads to the north from Wind Lake to Franklin. The two trails are 1 mile apart along Milwaukee Avenue.

White River State Trail: The route of the White River State Trail includes Burlington. The two trails come within blocks of each other.

Riverwalk: the Riverwalk follows the banks of the Fox River in Downtown Burlington.

End Points

The north end of the Seven Waters Bike Trail is located at S. Wind Lake Road and Milwaukee Avenue in Wind Lake.

The south end of the trail is located at Wehmhoff Jucker Park near Congress Street and Bridge Street in Burlington.


Following are links to official off-site resources to find out more details about the Seven Waters Bike Trail in Southeastern Wisconsin.