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Ogden, Utah, is located north of Salt Lake City and just east of the Great Salt Lake. There are several other communities in this area such as South Ogden, West Haven, Riverdale and Clearfield, among others. There are a number of recreational trails in this area for walking, running or riding a bike. These are non-motorized paths that are open to the public.

Weber River Parkway

The Weber River Parkway is an 8.4 mile long paved path that travels from S 1900 W, near W 12th Street, along the Weber River to a location south of the Washington Terrace neighborhood near Interstate 84.

This is a nice path for a bike ride with the family as it has gentle grades and few street crossings. It travels through the trees located along the river. Just south of 24th Street the trail wanders through Miles Goodyear Park. This is a good place to park the car and catch the trail going north of south. Just south of Miles Goodyear Park is the historic Fort Buenaventura Park.

At Fort Buenaventura Park you can wander along the trails and visit the trading post, see the replica Old West cabins and see the historic artifacts. There is a fee to enter the park or to use the campground.

Traveling farther south, the Weber River Parkway passes by the Riverdale Kayak Park. There is a small parking lot in this area, just off of 600 W and 4300 S. Just a bit past the Kayak Park, the Weber Trail travels under W. Riverdale Road. Just after the underpass, the trail crosses the river on Weber River Drive and is now located on the east side of the river. There is another parking area on Weber River Drive with an access path to for the trail.

The south end of the paved portion of Weber River Parkway is about 1.5 miles south of the parking area on Weber River Drive. A soft surface trail continues from there for a short stretch.

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Ogden's River Parkway Trail

The Ogden's River Parkway is a 9.6 mile long paved multi-use path that follows the Ogden River as it flows through the heart of the City of Ogden. On the west end the Ogden's River Parkway meets up with the Weber River Parkway near W 17th Street, east of Interstate 15 and west of 21st Pond. There is a small parking area at the pond, just off of W 2000 S. Heading east it wraps around the pond and goes over the railroad tracks alongside 20th Street. 

The paved trail again travels along the river just behind the Walmart on Wall Avenue. The trail crosses under Wall Avenue but crossing Lincoln Avenue at street level. At this point it travel along the river across from High Adventure Park. It then crosses Grant Avenue at street level. There is an underpass for getting across Washington Boulevard or you can cross with the pedestrian bridge. On Washington Avenue, just north of Park Boulevard, there is parking area.

The Ogden's River Parkway Trail travels adjacent to West Stadium Park, Pioneer Stadium and Lorin Farr Park's. Here there are several parking areas for accessing the trail. At the east end of Lorin Farr Park there is a junction with Bluff Trail that goes past the skate park and skirts the Ogden City Cemetery and heads southwest.

The Ogden's River Parkway continues east past MTC Learning Park and the Ogden Botanical Gardens. There is parking in the park for access to the trail. Farther east is an underpass for crossing Harrison Boulevard. The trail heads through Big Debe Sports Park and there is a parking area at the end of Park Boulevard near the El Monte Golf Course.  The trail then wraps around the north side of the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park.

The western terminus of the Ogden's River Parkway in the parking area for the trailhead for the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at the mouth of Ogden Canyon. This trailhead is on the opposite side of the Ogden Canyon Road from Rainbow Gardens.

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Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail

On the west side of the Ogden, Utah, area, starting at Hinkley Drive, a bit east of the intersection with Midland Drive, lies the north terminus of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail. The paved asphalt trail is over 23 miles long and extends south through Clearfield, Layton, Kaysville, Farmington and onto West Bountiful.

This path follows the old railroad bed of the Denver and Rio Grade Western Railway. It has a very gentle grade, but crosses a number of busy roadways at street level, some with with stile gates for safety reasons.

In West Bountiful the Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail has a junction with the Legacy Parkway Trail. The Legacy Parkway Trail runs alongside Legacy Parkway and eventually meets up with the Jordan River Parkway trail at W. Center Street. The Denver and Rio Grande Western Trail continues south in West Bountiful, traveling past Lakeside Golf Course and heads south. The paved section terminates at W 400 N.

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Little Mountain Rail Trail

The Little Mountain Rail Trail is an 10 mile long unpaved trail that travels from  W 8700 S off of Interstate 15/84 heads west then south and west again to the shores of the Great Salt Lake. This is a very flat and straight trail that follows old rail lines of the Little Mountain Branch Railroad for hauling salt from the Great Salt Lake. It is part of the Rails-to-Trails conversion that has allowed for several other trails throughout Utah. There is a trailhead with parking at W 4000 N at about 1.7 miles from the interchange of Highway 126 and Interstate 15.

This trail offers views of the Wasatch Range and also provides a great opportunity for bird-watching. Be sure to bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen. There are no services along the trail.


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