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Virgin River Trails


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St George, Washington


valley views, view of surrounding desert and cliffs, local parks


Santa Clara Trail
Middleton Wash Trail
Cottonwood Wash Trail


St. George

The Virgin River Trail is a 15-mile system of paved paths that follow alongside the river as it flows through the St. George area in Southwest Utah. The Virgin River starts in the mountains to the east of St. George and cuts through the desert landscape as it heads through the heart of the city on its way south to Lake Mead in Nevada. 

The Virgin River Trail has several branches and separate sections. East of Veterans Memorial Highway, there is a bridge across the river bed. A branch of the trail follows the highway to the south and another branch skirts the residential neighborhoods on the east side of the river as far as River Road. Trail users can loop back to the trail on the other bank at S River Road.

There is a gap in the trail at E Waterfront Drive. Trail users can use East Riverside Drive to connect to the north section of the trail. The north section of the Virgin River Trail starts at the curve where Riverside Drive becomes N 3050 E. This section of the trail skirts the industrial areas and then goes past the Virgin River Soccer Park. The main trail continues for another two miles east of the soccer park. In this last section is a branch that heads north to E. Telegraph Street in Washington.

The trail offers beautiful views of the valley and cliffs as well as an opportunity to see the wildlife along the way. The route has been improved in the last few years and few road crossings.


The Virgin River Trail is open for non-motorized use such as bike riding, running and walking. The trail is paved, but there is the possibility of blown sand across the trail.

Points of Interest

The Virgin River Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Bloomington Park
Crosby Family Confluence  Park
Larkspur Park
Heritage Elementary School
Sullivan Virgin River Soccer Park
Nearby Trails

Santa Clara Trail: The Virgin River Trail intersects the Santa Clara Trail at Dixie Drive and Interstate 15. There is a large trailhead with restrooms at this location. The Santa Clara Trail also leads to the bike path along the west side of Interstate 15 that heads north to J. C. Snow Park.

Middleton Wash Trail: The Middleton Wash Trail heads to the northwest from the Virgin River Trail at a point to the south of S. Mall Drive and East Riverside Drive.

Cottonwood Wash Trail: The Cottonwood Wash Trail takes off from a branch of the Virgin River Trail at a point south of the intersection of E. Telegraph Street and Washington Parkway.


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