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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling around Provo, Utah

Provo, Utah map area

Provo, Utah

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American Fork Trail

Dry Creek Trail

Eagle Mountain Boulevard Trail

Highway 6 Multi-Use Path

Historic Utah Southern RR Trail / Lehi Rail Trail

Hobble Creek Bike Path

Jordan River Parkway Trail

Lehi Ditch Trail

Lover's Lane

Mitchell Hollow Trail

Murdock Canal Trail

Pony Express Parkway Multi-Use Path

Power Line Trail

Provo River Trail

Redwood Road Trail

Saratoga Road Trail

Spanish Fork River Trail

Traverse Mountain Boulevard Side Path

University Parkway Trail

Utah Lake Parkway Trail

Vineyard Beach Trail


Salt Lake City


The communities of Provo, Orem, American Fork, Lehi, Springville and Payson are located east of Utah Lake and south of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. Saratoga Springs is located on the west shores of Utah Lake. Several recreational trails are located in this area for bike riding, pedestrian and other non-motorized uses.

Provo River Parkway Trail

The Provo River Parkway Trail is a 15 mile long paved trail that extends from the shores of Utah Lake to Vivian Park on Highway 189 that runs through Provo Canyon east of the City of Orem, Utah. The trail goes past numerous local parks, past Brigham Young University and the commercial areas of Provo. Northeast of Orem, the trail heads up the canyon away from the city traffic. In the canyon, there are dramatic views of the cliffs along the canyon, pretty bridges over the river and several parks with picnic areas and restroom facilities.

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Murdock Canal Trail

The Murdock Canal Trail is an 18 mile long paved path that spans from the Jordan River Parkway Trail in Lehi to 800 N in Orem when is leads to a connection trail to the Provo River Trail.

The Murdock Canal Trail wraps around the communities of Lehi, Highland, American Fork, Pleasant Grove and Lindon. The south end of the trail is located in Orem at E 800 N and N 1100 E.

The Murdock Canal Trail passes by several parks and has underpasses for most of the intersections with busy roadways. Keep in mind that there still are several places where is crosses the roadways at street level, so be careful. There are several trailheads and public parks where you can park to catch the trail.

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American Fork Trail

The American Fork Trail is a 5 mile long paved trail system that follows along the American Fork River as it wanders through the communities of Cedar Hills and American Fork. The northwest end of the trail starts at the intersection of Timpanagos Highway and N. Canyon Road. There is a trailhead for the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at this point as well. Another bike and pedestrian trail heads directly south from here along N. Canyon Road.

The American Fork Trail heads to the southwest from the intersection of Canyon Road and Timpanogos Highway alongside the greens of the Cedar Hills Golf Club. Be sure to take the trail and not the path for the golf carts. After about 0.9 miles, the trail takes a sharp turn to the west and goes along the north side of a residential area to N 4800 W. There is an underpass to get across the roadway. The trail heads directly south for a short stretch then turns to the southwest along Knight Avenue and goes by Lone Peak High School.

South of the high school, the trail heads through Highland Glen Park. On the south end of the park, there is a junction with the Murdock Canal Trail. The American Fork Trail continues south to Art Dye Park. You can take the trail through the park to get to the south section of the American Fork Trail. From here the trail continues south along the river and through residential areas and stops at E 300 N.

Lehi Rail Trail

The Lehi Rail Trail is a 3.4 mile long paved trail. It follows along an old railroad bed and is fairly level and straight. On the north end, it starts at Chapel Ridge Road, just north of Timpanagos Highway and Interstate 15. It takes a jog to cross Timpanogos Highway at the intersection with the Frontage Road. It has a junction with the Murdock Canal Trail at this point. From here the Lehi Rail Trail heads southeast past the Westbury Condominiums in the community of Lehi. It continues past a residential neighborhood of Lehi and the industrial area, eventually going under Interstate 15.

The south end of the Lehi Rail Trail is located between Interstate 15 and W. State Road at N. 300 W.

Jordan River Parkway Trail

The Jordan River Trail extends down from the Salt Lake City area to the north end of Utah Lake. From this point, there is a paved recreational trail along Saratoga Road. This trail goes past the Saratoga Springs Park and Pavilion and then connects to several trails that go through the residential areas.

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Lakeside Trail

The Lakeside Trail is a 1-mile long paved pathway that follows along the western shore of Utah Lake just off of Saratoga Drive, south of Cove Road. This trail extends down to Eagle Park on Centennial Boulevard.

Redwood Road Trail

The Redwood Road Trail is a wide 2.8-mile long paved trail that follows along Redwood Road from the north edge of Saratoga Springs to Village Parkway.

Village Parkway Trail

The Village Parkway Trail is a 1.3 mile long paved trail that follows along Village Parkway through the southern neighborhoods and past the neighborhood park on S. Fox Point Drive.

Individual Maps for Recreational Trails in Utah

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