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Logan, Utah

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Boulevard Trail

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ICON Trail

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Logan River Trail

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Logan, Utah is located on the Logan River in Cache County in Northern Utah. The location is a beautiful valley with views of the Bear River Mountains, rising up to 9,710 feet in elevation. Logan is home to the main campus of Utah State University and has many other historic buildings such as the Logan Tabernacle and Logan Utah Temple.

Logan has several existing recreational trails for bike riding, walking, running and access to parks, bird-watching areas and fishing. Logan has plans for the expansion and improvement of its trail system. The Canyon Road trail system is one of the planned trail expansions.

To the east of town, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail wanders along the foothills, which is a soft-surfaced hiking trail that extends for much of the State of Utah. 

Logan River Trail and Logan River Walk Trail

The Logan River Trail is a 1 mile long paved path located south of town just north of Highway 89. It starts at Rendezvous Park and follows the river as it winds through Logan River Golf Course. It ends at Golf Course Road, but you can then catch Logan River Walk Trail.

Logan River Walk Trail is a 1.5 mile long paved path that follows alongside Golf Course Road from S 100 W to S 500 W. It then heads north along S 500 N past the Willow Park Sports Complex and Willow West Park. It continues going north past Fairview Park and stops at W 300 S. From here you can connect to the Westside Trail.

ICON Trail

The ICON trail is a 1 mile long paved path located on the south side of town and travels along the Logan River from S 800 W, near Rendezvous Park, toward the west. It ends near residential neighborhoods north of W 1800 S.

Little Ballard Creek Trail Soccer Complex Trail

There is a 1 mile paved loop around the soccer fields on the south end of town at Highway 89 and Legrand Street. This trail system goes through Black Hawk Park and Gateway Park and is just across Highway 89 from Rendezvous Park and the Logan River Trail.

Westside Trail

The Westside Trail is a 1.2 mile long paved trail that starts at the intersection of W 100 W and W 300 S, near the Logan Community Recreation Center and Logan High School. It then heads west alongside W 300 S to S 600 W. From here it heads north almost to W 200 N.

Canyon Road Trail

There is a 3/4 mile paved stretch of the Canyon Road Trail system that has been constructed. It extends from Canyon Road, just east of N 1420 E, and travels east past Ray Hugie Hydro Park and then goes under Highway 89. At this point you can hook up with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Hyrum Gibbons Park and Mt. Logan Park

If you want a nice easy walk in a park, go down to Hyrum Gibbons Park and Mt. Logan Park, located at the intersection of Gibbons Parkway and Eastridge Drive . There is a 1 mile paved loop that you can take around Hyrum Gibbons Park, as well as restrooms, playground and basketball court.

Boulevard Trail

Boulevard Trail is a 0.6 mile long paved trail that goes alongside the street of Boulevard in the middle of town, southwest of the campus. There is a short paved stretch of Canyon Road Trail that takes off to the east from Boulevard Trail.


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