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Recreation trails for walking, running and cycling in St. George, Utah

St. George, Utah map area

St. George, Utah

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Coral Canyon Trail

Cottonwood Wash Trail

Halfway Washington Trail

Interstate 15 Multi-Use Trail

Middleton Wash Trail

River Road Bike Path

Sand Hollow Wash Trail

Santa Clara Trail

Snow Canyon Parkway Trail

State Route 18 Trail

Virgin River Trail

Whiptail Trail


Cedar City

St George, Utah is located in the southwest corner of the State of Utah. Other communities in this area include Santa Clara, Ivins and Washington. This area of the state is also the location for Zion National Park and farther to the east is Bryce Canyon National Park. Many travelers pass through the St. George area on there way to and from Las Vegas, which is 115 miles to the west. Snow Canyon State Park is just to the north of the St. George area and offers hiking and cycling trails. The elevation of St. George is lower than much of the rest of Utah, at around 2,860 feet. If you are heading into the nearby hills, the trails will climb. Watch your speed as you are coming back down.

The southwestern corner of Utah is a particularly beautiful area with dramatic cliffs rising above desert valleys. Outdoor recreational opportunities are everywhere, with hiking and mountain biking being the top choices. This is also a desert area with very little rain and plenty of sunshine. The winters are relatively mild with the temperatures in the mid-fifties, but summer days can easily reach over 100° F. You need to take precautions if you are taking to the trails in the summer. Start early or ride in the evening and be sure to bring plenty of water and supplies. Always be aware of where you are on the trail and how long it will take to get back.

The communities of St. George, Santa Clara, Washington and Ivins have a network of paved and natural surfaced trails for recreational purposes and may be used for commuting as well. The local communities  are continually expanding and improving the trail system. New sections of trails are in the planning stage. There are hundred of natural surface trails in the area, but our map and this article are mostly focused on the major paved recreation trails.

Virgin River Trail System

The Virgin River Trail is a 15-mile system of paved paths that follow alongside the river as it flows through the St. George area in Southwest Utah. The Virgin River starts in the mountains to the east of St. George and cuts through the desert landscape as it heads through the heart of the city on its way south to Lake Mead in Nevada.

The trail offers a safe way to enjoy the beauty of the area with few road crossings. It is open for bike riding and walking. There are several branches to the trail system that head off into the neighborhoods along the route.

The south end of the Virgin River Trail is located near Sun River Golf Club in the Sun River St. George Development on the south end of town. The north end of the trail is off of E. Telegraph Road in Washington.

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Santa Clara River Trail

The Santa Clara River Trail is a paved 2.8 mile trail that starts at the trailhead on dixie Drive near Interstate 15 and heads northwest up the Santa Clara River and Dixie Drive. The trail wraps around Tonaquint Park, which has multiple tennis courts, picnic facilities and parking. The paved trail ends just past Cottonwood Cove Park.

Snow Canyon Parkway Trail

The Snow Canyon Parkway Trail is an 8.7-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside Red Hills Parkway and Snow Canyon Parkway.

The west end of the Snow Canyon Parkway Trail is at the roundabout with S. Docena Way. At this location the Whiptail Trail takes off to the north and the Center Street Trail takes of to the west.

At N. Bluff Street the trail intersects the State Route 18 Trail that heads to the north.

The east end of the trail is located at E Red Hills Parkway and N 1700 E near the Red Cliffs Mall.


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