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City Creek Canyon Trail

City Creek Canyon Trail Utah map area

City Creek Canyon Trail


7.7 miles




Salt Lake City


Utah State Capitol, Memory Grove Park, City Creek Canyon, foothills


Salt Lake City

The City Creek Canyon Trail is a 7.7-mile long paved path and paved road that is located in the foothills to the northwest of Salt Lake City. The route follows alongside the creek up through the canyon and is surrounded by forestland.. The western portion of the trail is a 1.2 mile shared use path near the Utah State Capitol building. The remainder of the trail uses a 5.8-mile long maintenance road that is closed to road traffic when it is open for bike riding.

City Creek Canyon is a protected watershed area for the Salt Lake City. There are cottonwood trees and willows along the creek and evergreen trees covering the hillsides. There is a good chance that you may come up on wildlife along the trail. Stay a good distance from any wildlife that you encounter.


The City Creek Canyon Trail is open for bike riding and hiking during specific days and time periods. Check with the official Salt Lake City Transportation Division website for hours of operation: City Creek Canyon / Memory Grove. There are speed limits for cyclists along the trail, so watch your speed as you come down the canyon.

There is an elevation gain of 1248 feet, from 4367 feet in town to 5615 at the eastern end. The average grade of the trail in the canyon is around 4%. Out of town visitors may find breathing a bit challenging on the way up the canyon.

Trail Specifics

The first section of the City Creek Canyon Trail a 1.2 mile long paved trail that starts at State Street and 2nd Avenue at City Creek Park. The trail heads along Canyon Road, which is just east of the Utah State Capitol Building. This section of the trail goes through Memory Grove Park and the City Creek Natural area. 

After Bonneville Boulevard the trail is actually a 5.5 mile long paved maintenance road for the canyon. This road is closed to public automobiles on the days that bikes are permitted, but service vehicles may be encountered at any time. This section of the trail is open for non-motorized uses on certain days and is used by walkers, cyclists, joggers, and hikers. Observe speed limits, even with a bike, you can easily pickup speed on the way down and excessive speed is dangerous on the curvy road and for the other people using the trail.


Following are links to official off-site resources to find out more details about the City Creek Canyon Trail in the Salt Lake City area of Utah.