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Bend, Oregon

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Central Oregon Canal Trail

Coyner Trail

Deschutes River Trail (north)

Deschutes River Trail (south)

Haul Road Trail

Larkspur Trail

Pine Nursery Park Trail

Tetherow Trail

West Bend Trail

Bend is located in the middle of the State of Oregon. It is located just east of the Cascade Mountain Range which offers many outdoor recreational opportunities, such as skiing, hiking, fishing, camping and mountain biking. Bend itself is considered to have a high desert climate. It is dry with relatively mild winters, but warm summers.

There is a large network of paved and unpaved recreational trails that travel throughout the city. These trails are used for walking and running. Many of the trails are unpaved and would be suitable for mountain bikes (where permitted) but may not be suitable for road bikes. Toggle the map to satellite view to see the type and condition of the path.

Deschutes River Trail

The Deschutes River Trail is a paved and unpaved system of trails that follows alongside the Deschutes River as it flows through the City of Bend. This is an beautiful trail that takes you along the rapids of the river and travels through pine forests and sage brush. Several pedestrian bridges along the trail allow you to safely cross to the other side. This trail system is located along one or both sides of the river and goes through several parks. There are three separate sections to the Deschutes River Trail.

The northern section of the Deschutes River Trail is located in north part of Bend and starts at NW Kikaldy court off of NW Putnam Road. The route for this section if a ways away from the river and travels through juniper trees and sage brush with the river flowing down below. The route goes through Archie Briggs Canyon Open Space and goes past River's Edge Golf Course and Riverview Park. Riverview Park has a large parking area and is located just south of NW Mount Washington Drive.

The Deschutes River Trail crosses the river on a bridge near First Street Rapids Park. The south end of the northern section is at a point just south of Pioneer Park and NW Portland Avenue. to get to the next section of trail you can ride along NW wall Street, then take a jog to the west at NW Newport Avenue and ride down NW Brooks Street.

The middle section of the Deschutes River Trail starts at NW Riverside Boulevard and NW Broadway Street at Drake Park. Drake Park is a green oasis along the river has several walking trails, parking and a playground. There is also a foot bridge for crossing the river to get over to Pageant Park and Harmon Park on the west bank. the middle section of the Deschutes River Trail stops at NW Tumalo Avenue. You can ride along Riverfront Avenue to reach the southern section of the trail.

The southern section of the Deschutes River Trail follows along both banks of the river. It extends from Cascade Lake National Scenic Byway on the north end to a bridge that crosses the river not far from Sunshine Way. This southern section of the trail has a number of bridges for crossing the river. It also goes through Riverbend Park and Farewell Bend Park. It goes past Old Mill Dog Park and Bend Metro Park and Recreation. On the east side of the river you can connect to the Central Oregon Canal Trail that takes you over to Brookswood Boulevard.

Haul Road Trail

The Haul Road Trail is a paved and unpaved trail that follows alongside the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway, Highway 372 for 3 miles. The south end starts at Entrada Lodge at 19221 Southwest Century Drive. The north end of the trail is at the Deschutes River crossing near McKay Park.

Larkspur Trail

The Larkspur Trail is a 2.5-mile long unpaved pathway located on the east side of Bend. The trail spans from NE Neff Road to the intersection of SE 15th Street and SE Reed Market Road. The route goes pass Pilot Butte State Park, crosses Greenwood Avene and wanders through the neigborhoods to the east of SE 15th Street. the south end of the Larkspur Trail is a quarter mile east of the east end of the Central Oregon Canal Trail.

Pine Nursery Park Trails

Pine Nursery Park is located on NE Purcell Boulevard on the northeast side of the Bend area. The park has athletic fields, picnic areas, a pond,a playground and a 1.5-mile long paved loop around the park.


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